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Mistreatment ofpatients ward23 scn gen 2017

Nurse c.Baraclough waited until her parner left ward then alone closed curtains and knowingly proceeded to wake partner by pressing hard on drain locaion site and shaking until patient awoke in extreme pain and agony.In my opinion said nurse should be suspened from work until formally investigated so nobody else in hospital for alcoholism related ilneesses are'nt victim to barbaric unjustifiable treatment as this ever again.

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This needs to be reported to hospital authorities not displayed on semi public website.


When wrote partner still patient there so no action taken as further treatment would poss similar,in near future.So too close to situation and asked not to report it,so promised her and what she wants for best,i do.So found and post post above as warning n reminder for everybody with alcohol dependcy health illnesses that some in nhs see as self inflicted etc,alcholism is an ilness fact and officially recognised that way well over a decade,gradfather died in street before i was born from alcohol dependcy .So know a bit.


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