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Vaccine and PN


Having jab 2Feb concerned how this will affect my Peripheral Neuropathy as it is very severe. I also have R.A. so very nervous about any reaction. Just wondered if anybody had this condition( PN) and did the vaccine cause any problems.

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I have PN and had the covid vaccine 2nd shot. I had no side effects. Maybe others can share their experience.

I had my first AstraZeneca vaccine 7 days ago. I have PN, on Warfarin for the mechanical replacement valve, I then had a stroke, and have been diagnosed as diabetic.

I slept for 15 hours after the vaccine was given, and I felt terrible for five days. Still not right now.

But, I'm on a lot of other medications, so maybe, AstraZeneca is not the one for me.

I'm dreading getting the second shot.

Hey-Ho, you never know, how things will go!

So glad to hear you coped so well. TTFN.

Also with PN and was a bit nervous . I've had my 1st Covid shot and can happily report absolutely no adverse side effects. In fact, numerous annual flu shots brought more soreness. I'm scheduled for my 2nd the first week of Feb. and reports in U.S. are now advising not to take an NSAID Before the shots because they may impede effectiveness of the vaccine. Yesterday a friend had her 1st and the nurse told her she could take an NSAID after the shot for any unpleasant symptoms.

Hi thank you for reply, it is always good to hear positive reports but I guess the vaccine will affect people different ways. Thanks again.

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