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Spinal cord Infarct c6-t2


Hi I’m Francesca, 23 and I have had a spinal infarct Dec 2013. Diagnosed at Addenbrookes university hospital, Cambridge. Rehabilitation at The Princess Royal Spinal injuries unit, Sheffield. Looking for anyone who has had a spinal infarct as I know it’s very rare and looking for help/advice, knowledge and understanding of others journeys and recovery status.

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I am getting spasm from weak heart pumping as had MI 12 years ago & suspect there is weak heart pumping possibly Microvascular ? Underlying it all is spina bifida abnormal EEG in 1969 which online record says of no consequence when a neurogenic bladder found never been able to catheterise because of cellulitis connected to lipo-lymphoedema & possible genetic Muti infant dementia ??!! This appears to allows care & treatment to be withheld so am still going round like headless chicken when research tells me it is urgent ?

Had to pay for expensive MRI 5 years ago as getting more disabled [ breathing- dyspnoea ] as can't get insurance yet GPs did not refer as directed by specialists to RNOH 5 yrs ago .

Maybe Your Way Forward Is Via the Neurological too . I got to you via a link in Neurology section North Bristol Hospital as have bee trying to access therapy at Ms Therapy Centre Bradley Stoke [ spinal spasticity] who do related conditions if self pay but the Dr is only available for MS to that area not mine next door Gloucestershire .He does Botox Injections For MS and there related conditions but no MS we can take a running jump to where?Who organising this the Insurance companies? My GP trying to make the Neurological ./Mental .Shouldn't the CCGs & Gov. know better.Is this not bullying too? Discrimination not only by age but status single solo & disabilities ignored so no Carer? Or Protector?

Your reply has bamboozled me, I’m not sure it has any link to my first post but I’m happy to talk or adise you further on your current situations. You talk about insurance, are you outside of the uk?

Hi Francesca, I've only just been 'introduced' to this site via a newsletter from Brain and Spine Foundation and, therefore, only just read your post. I am sorry to hear of your problems - I too have some spinal problems which I can't seem to get a collective definitive diagnosis for (I also have a cyst in my brain and a dilated lateral ventricle). However, what interests me from reading your post is that an old x-ray report I recently saw when I accessed my medical notes states that I have a "cortical infarction". The x-ray was taken because I fell down stairs and suffered a fracture to my coccyx. I can't seem to find out what exactly a cortical infarction is though and can only find references to strokes so, I am very confused. But now having read your post, hopefully I'll be able to find out more - perhaps from the Brain and Spine Foundation?

If I can find anything other than what you already know, I'll try to contact you via this site. Take care xx

You mentioned a spinal infarct .I have had spasms of spasticity & kyphosis due to weak heart pumping .A brain scan before MI cardiac 14 yrs ago mentioned ischemic signaling. With MI revived with an angioplasty [ stenting] .My Late Mother had severe multi infarct dementia affecting mobility function & cognition .Needless to say our conditions were ignored medically.This was even though had had an abnormal EEG after a spina abifida of no consequence seen except I have been plagued with infections monthly since my 20s causing CFS trigger points [muscular] to deteriorate..I suspect there is a microvascular genetic connection ?

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