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Finally had my 12 week scan


Had my scan today which reveiled I am actually 13 weeks 4 days with edd 24th October. They seen where the bleed was coming from and said as it is 1/3 of the sac size that they are not too worried and it is on the outside of the sac which is also double good news. I may or may not get more bleeding depends if another blood vessle goes but I am to report it immediatly for more tests.

Got to have a meeting with the consultant in June so they can measure the size of the baby. If it is a biggey then I have got to have a C-Section as my 2nd baby was shoulder dystocia and as you can imagine just on 2 paracetomols and no other pain relief was very traumatic.

Both of my babies were big and I am not so my midwife deemed it may be the safest option for baby and me. I am not thrilled about having a C-section as would ideally want it naturally but I am just going to take their advice as they know best after all.

Told all the friends and other family members so all seems to start getting abit more real now.

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Thank goodness more light has been shone on the bleed and nothing for you to immediately be concerned about. Citing a plan of action again if something does occur I would find reassuring. I had 3 minor bleeds during my pregnancy, most likely cervical erosion. Love the scan pic Megzey, cute little baba growing inside! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy. You're lucky that you have experience of being pregnant already, each one very different of course but your experiences will stand you in good stead for what lays ahead for you. I bet all your family and friends are so happy for you! Good luck with all of your pregnancy! xxxx

Congratulations. Hun. Lovely scan pic with baby waving at you , just gorgeous xxx

Ahh hello baby, waving at mummy clearly very happy :) congratulations xx

Really pleased all ok xx

congratulations and love your scan pic a little wave, when i had my scan i was also 13 weeks 4 days and what i originally described as a fist pump has now become baby practicing holding a microphone as Daddy loves the Kareoke :D

x x x

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