Sickness at 27 weeks?

I am now 27 weeks and for the last three days I have felt really icky. I have been so lucky throughout my pregnancy with having no morning sickness or tiredness at any stage. Until now! Is this normal? Or do I have a bug working on me. I just get waves of feeling rotten. Like right now we r cooking dinner and the thought of eating it -yuk! It just comes and goes.

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  • Mmmmm I was very sick from 12-20 weeks, throwing up fives times a day/night.

    You could be unlucky or like me if I still smell certain foods I throw up!

    Check your temp, keep your fluids up, and note down anything odd, shivers, dizzy, swelling in face, ankles, if you start to get other symptoms call the midwife, could be nothing like a horrible bug, but could be something else, maybe get your blood pressure checked.


  • Yeah I should try and find if there is a pattern to me feeling yuk. I have a bottle of water beside me and aim to get that into me to see if its a fluid thing. Thank you for replying

  • My friend got it again in the last trimester think it can come anytime yep sounds like it to me I and I have the same thoughts about food xx

  • Thank you for taking time to reply! I'm hoping this sickness is just a phase. I was actually able to eat dinner. I had to force myself to even attempt it and glad I did because it has helped - for now ha!

  • Is a shame someone can't cook the dinner and just put it in front of u, I ate loads of takeaways in the first few weeks couldn't help it hated cooking still like it now but cut down on the takeaways. . But saying that I had Chinese for Dinnet last night and mac Donald s for lunch so naughty! !

  • Oh yes I should suggest that to my hubby that he does he cooking -fab idea

  • Uuuum! sounds very familiar. Im not yet at that 27wk mark but almost every day about 10mins after i wake up every morning i feel sick and just fed up

    My pregnancy started of so well it was in the back of mind that i will get the "storm after the calm" & HERE IT IS!

  • I have been thinking exactly the same thing. I've had it easy so far so I'm thinking something has to be bad soon. Either that or the birth is going to be horrendous. Thanks for replying

  • Hi have recently started to feel sick around the 29 week mark only normally in the morning and I think its related to the heartburn I have been getting now really bad which leaves that awful burning feeling. It makes me want to retch and I then get that awful watery mouth, its worse if I am late getting up for work and have to rush around. I was so lucky and had zero morning sickness in the first trimester.

    My nosebleeds seem to be getting worse now also, I have had a stuffed up nose for the whole of the pregnancy and every time I blow my nose I seem to give myself a nose bleed, not pleasant ..

  • At least I'm not alone in this. It's strange when. Go all this time and suddenly feel rotten. I still can't pin pont what makes me feel this way. I started to think it was maybe hunger. But then I'm feeding my face what I think is all the time. Thank you for replying to me

  • Hi I suffered from "morning sickness" throughout the entire 9 months with my 2nd daughter and with my son it stopped at 20 weeks but then came back with a vengeance at 32 weeks!

    I find I have to really fancy something to be able to eat it or graze all day. I would also swear by seabands for travel sickness they worked really well.

    My sickness stopped at 16 weeks this time but every now and again it rears it's ugly head and I'm now 27 weeks!

  • Isn't the body such a strange system ha! I am very fortune I know that I have come this far and not had any sickness. I am just getting on with things. Well we have to dont we ha! I think grazing is definitely the way to do it cos then I don't leave time to get extreme hunger. Thanks for relying to me

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