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9 weeks 5 days and nausea helppp

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Hello, my nausea is getting worse. Is there anybody like this situation? And then is it getting better around 11 weeks?

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Ohh feel for you they say around 12 weeks it eases I have good days and bad days, have you tried all the remedies? I find eating cereals in the morning makes me worse, the best is boiled eggs and toast..I tried the wrist bands but they didn't help...I'm hoping I'll feel better around 12 weeks! I'm nearly 11 weeks x

I tried gaviscon. The first day it was better then same. I am not sure maybe the peak weeks for me 9-10??

Ohh yes im about 10wks + 4'and still get bouts of nausea. Sometimes i'll wake up feeling fine & then a unusual smell will set me off.

Just as well though the pregnancy started off pretty easy "i knew it was too good to be true"

Well maybe the 2nd trimester will be a walk in the park.



They do say around 9 weeks the placenta takes over and some women start feeling better but I didn't...maybe just see how u feel when you get to 12weeks hopefully u should start to feel better x

I had real bad sickness between 8-13 weeks, I really got quite down about the situation as I couldn't go out socially and eat and lost quite a lot of weight, but I am now 18 weeks and am eating whatever (within reason) some people I have spoke too say it lasted the whole 9 months which scared me but some people didn't get sickness at all, I hope ur sickness go soon but obviously everyone is different and bodies react different, but since 14 weeks have felt like I did before I was pregnant so trust me theres light at the end of the tunnel, although until u get there probably wont believe me. but take care drink lots of fluid and eat little and often if u cant manage a big meal x

Have you tried ginger? X

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Yes ive tried ginger I also try to use a good amount of ginger in nearly everything i cook. I have good days & bad days.

just looking forward to about wk19 /20.

Thanks for all replies.. I hope it will finish at 12w. hope so..

I do not know when placente takes over

If it is really unbearable and you are not meeting you daily required calorie in take, pop and see your GP. There are anti-emetics (anti-sickness) that are safe in pregnancy, available on prescription, which can be considered to ensure you don't tip the balance from 'morning sickness' to hyperemesis gravidarum (where the big problem isn't the nausea and vomiting, but actually the starvation)

I took Gaviscon syrup advance. it is quite OK for reflux but nausea still there

It doesn't help nausea, it's depressing the feeling all day isn't it! I start feeling better in the evening... But by then I feel so drained all I want do is sleep! Like dr fluffy said if your not keeping food or fluid down go and see your dr x

i wrote a blog not so long ago about my sickness. it does depresses you. unfortunately im a Hyperemesis sufferer and will have the sickness throughout my whole pregnancy. im now 18 weeks and on a daily dosage of steroids to keep the sickness at bay. i was hospitalised for four weeks and put on a drip every 6 hours. and it was vitamins, saline and pottasium drips as i was so ill and dehydrated.

even when feeling nausea you need to keep hydrated as trust me it does help. sick water constantly and have something cold, dry and bland to line your stomach. as the acid reflux is what will make you sick. it does get better trust me. im still fighting through it but managing to keep food down. (nothing worse than being sick upto 60 times a day)

the things we do for our jelly beans though :) xx

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Poor u sound so hard! I'm struggling with just nausea and feeling like crap.. That must of made u so poorly... hopefully it will get better the more u progress, do they know this happens? ?? Hope it does get better for u xx

Hi, i also had really bad nausea for the first 3 months, didn't want to go out or socialise,was a nightmare. My partner would have to drop and pick me up from work

because i had a fear that i would vomit in packed tube...i then was informed about ginger which was my life savior!!!! In between meals i would snack on ginger biscuits and ginger beer(it is not beer its a soft drink) and extra strong mints, i know this is not exactly healthy but it helped me to keep food down. This is now a distant memory, the morning sickness went at 3months. Hope you start to feel better soon :-)

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