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Is it safe to travel aboard when your 3 months pregnant?

I am planning to go to Pakistan. I will be 3 months pregnant. I am just going for 3 weeks as my child goes school. I wanted to know is it a safe time for me to travel? I'm really worried as I had a miscarriage before. Has anyone else gone aboard earlier in the pregnancy? How did you feel? Please ladies feel free to share your experiences. Thank you ladies :)

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Yes, I traveled to Thailand when i was about 3 months pregnant with my first child in 2008. it safe but when u are abroad theres certain things that u should be aware / stay away from for etc.... Dont drink tap water or have any ice cubes in your drinks as the water system can potentially harm your baby.

it can be difficult at times but you need to be extra vigilent.


I went to goa when I was 3-4 months pregnant and I took some malaria tablets as well, spoke to a lovely lady from NHS direct she was fantastic with the info, but it's your decision my son is fine! But def speak to a dr about vaccines before you go


Your good to go if you want to after the first trimester and before 32 weeks. Speak to you GP asap. I didn't feel like flying long-haul, so we decided against a SA trip.


I travelled to Asia at 17 weeks and also long haul at 27 weeks

,so both in 2nd trimester. It's fine as long as you don't have any medical problems. Wear flight socks drink water and walk around cabin as much as poss.



Thanks ladies for your advice and comforting word :)


I am 27 weeks and just got back from three weeks in the middle east and Thailand and I was absolutely fine. We decided to break the journey in the middle east to avoid the 12 hour flight, but even doing that would be fine as long as - as recommended above - you keep yourself well hydrated and get up to move around approx every 45 mins. The books I have read generally recommend the second trimester to travel in since you should hopefully be over your morning sickness but also not so far along that there is a real risk of going into early labour. As also recommended above, you should also be careful of local water, even cleaning your teeth with bottled water to be safe. Good luck! xx


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