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Fave programme on tonight! One born every minute

I just love this real life documentary of birth, to be honest its taught me alot and what to expect!

Pain and that I will need bundles of patience!

Since I have Been pregnant I have been asked ' are u scared about giving birth'

My answer is no, then it makes me laugh but usually I then get a very detailed account of thier birth experience with pain and gory bits included!

Thanks but no thanks! U will not scare me lol

What will be will be, I know its gonna be the worst pain ever, but when you ave wanted a baby for seven years, I really don't care about the pain, just give me a healthly little boy xxxx:)

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I love OBEM too, after being bombarded with Hollywood's idea of childbirth for years (an enormous gush of water in the middle of the supermarket followed by a bit of screaming) it's great to see a real life version of events.

Regarding the scare stories, all pregnant ladies are bombarded with horror stories, I certainly was! I had a birth that you rarely hear about - a nice, normal, natural, somewhat enjoyable one! It hurt like hell but was soon forgotten, and resulted in a rather wonderful baby boy (who is now 2 - that's the bit you should be scared of!) Don't let them scare you, baby needs to get out somehow ;-)


I love it too and since I have been pregnant (14 wk 4d) I hav been watching it (unless theres football on like tonight then I have to record it) giving birth doesn't faze me as women for centuries have been giving birth so I knew it would be my turn at somepoint, I am not expecting a walk in the park but what will be will be. my friend tried to tell me how much it hurt but I am not expecting pain free but I am most anything will be worth having a little baby in 6 months :) :)


I can't watch it! Firmly in denial! I've seen enough births in my training to not want to think about the actual event :-p


Lol :)


Still hoping for the stalk :-)


Wouldn't that be perfect lol


I'm reading this book called Ina May's Guide to Childbirth (2003). It has birth stories, positive ones, then part two has the essential guide to natural child birth. It has one from two American Obstetricians having their first baby. It is a beautiful real story. I read it and thought of you and all the scary things you may have seen and certainly know about. I thought about how scared I feel and how you might feel knowing what you know. I though the story of the obstetricians may be perfect for you. If not the stork, then a different angle!

It is a very good book and Ina May's statistics and techniques over 30 years have brought her international recognition from health institutions all over the world for her work.


VPN every Thursday morning, hooked! :-)


there was the time when i told my husband in a long detail how I found TV to be nuisance in the house while I was in high school - fast forward to last year, we shifted in a new country, and we do not have a TV. Every time I mention that we must have one, he tells me my own life-story in details :)

We dont really miss it, as we are both movie lovers and we see quite a lot of them every week on PC or cinema. So no luck for me to see some real birth stories.

I did google a bit for birthing videos, and they kind of scared me (well I am scared of injections to start with always end up with tears). So I am leaving it to the God and his mercy and I hope the nature would make its way for the baby to come out, when she has to. I guess that is a common sentiment for most of us.

Meanwhile, my mom suggested I MUST read this book 'Child Birth Without Fear' by Grantly Dick-Read, so I have ordered my copy and i hope it would arrive in time.

If any of you may also be interested in it, than here is a quick look pdf of the initial few pages

and there are used and acceptable paperback versions available from amazon over here

Mom, ofcourse said that the book helped her a lot during all her 5 normal deliveries (although two of her kids did not survive due to retard growth - but that is something we would discover much before the little one decides to come out)


Thanks will have a look at the PDF xxx


Have you seen the documentary 'Birth as we know it' ? By the end, I was loving the births! It is beautiful. I watched it with some pregnant friends. My partner is not ready for watching births yet. I wanted to watch it with other people. They were so beautifully filmed and so happy and not scary at all. You can download a copy for $12 (about £8) from:



Im hooked on obem , but it weird as Im due to give birth at lgi and you meet all the midwifes, very strange to be examined by someone you watch every week. Still very nervous about the birth and in complete denial that this baby needs to come out!


Wow I think your lucky least you know the midwives are lovely :) I had that on conversation today with my mum about how my vag has to stretch that far!


Just watched it makes me blub everytime amazing experience, and there is always gas and air! Diamorphine! And epidural, good to know they are on hand if need be :-)


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