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PGP. any tips??

Hi all. 25+3 and have been told I have pelvic girdle pain, or symphysis pubis dysfunction, whatever you want to call it! I knew there was something going on but relieved to know exactly what! It's blooming excruciating! Does anyone have any tips that might help ease the pain a bit? or at least get me a decent nights sleep every now and again?!

Thanks in advance ladies :-) x

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Hi Sarebare, you poor thing! I have never suffered myself but a close friend did, she ended up having to use crutches and all sorts so I hope yours doesn't end up being as severe!

With regards tips - she had 2; invest in a good pregnancy pillow (one of the big v shaped ones) which she slept with wrapped around her body and between her legs! She also went to an Aqua-natal yoga class where her instructor was able to give her specific low-impact exercises to do in water which she loved.

I hope you find some relief, be sure to rest lots :-) x


Oh no, how awful! Here's the NHS link:

Apparently exercise is key, that and lots of pillows and pregnancy-safe painkillers in bed xx


Oh BTW, how long did you have symptoms for before you got diagnosed? Also, NHS recommends little/no housework (Hurrah!) xx



I am 22 weeks, and have been diagnosed with pelvic girdle pain. My midwife referred me as soon as I described my symptoms, to the local nhs physio clinic and I had an appointment in under 2 week's. It was a group session with other ladies suffering with the condition, it was 2 hours and really informative. Also, as I attended, I now have an open referral to physio until 3 week's after baby is born and can book an appointment at any time. In terms of tips, the nhs website in good and there is a link to the pelvic partnership website. From my session, tips included not sitting or standing for over about an hour at a time, using correct posture and a rolled up towel in the small of your back, no doing anything that involves twisting or lifting, i.e hoovering, mopping, grocery shopping, etc. Whilst driving never climb in, put a plastic bag on the seat, sit down on to it and swivel in, your clutch leg should remain bent at all times and towel behind you. Erm.... basically dont do anything where you separate your legs at all, keepttogether when getting in and out of car, bed, sex.... Etc. Lol. Same for labour! There is so much and the tips do help.

Have you been referred to physio? :-)


I have this and ligament pain I went to physio and they suggested, pregnancy pillow, hip/stomach support for walking, crutches as my hip pain was bad . I was also told to make sure I do pelvic floor exercises and buy a large exercise ball :)


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