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Stress .... I'm trying not to stress out, had a disagreement over a month ago with my friends 18 year old daughter, who not so politely told me numerous things that made me question myself, not only had I just moved country's and was at a delicate stage in pregnancy, seems as though she still has not got over it and today after I ceased contact over a month ago got another nasty message via another created account, all very childish and immature. As a mother of two already and number three arrival set for June, I really don't need to stress out. As a person im very caring and will do anything to help out but this is now time for me and this baby im growing to chill and get rid of any troubles.

do any of you who has a hectic routine know ways to relax and switch off.

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Mindfulness is pretty good. I usually have to find out what's bugging me before I put things behind me though. What's bugging you? :)


If you are getting nasty text messages download an app on your phone so you can bar her number:)

I listen to zen music, watch a movie, have duvet days, eat choc, or your a walk in a pretty place to clear my mind:)


I have two ways - mediation and yoga only work for me if there is nothing really bothering me - otherwise I just end up focusing on that thing. When something is really bothering me, it has to be keeping busy - cooking is usually one for me to wind down, baking bread, and stuff. But ultimately I usually have to tackle the thing that is bothering me otherwise it just gets worse and worse in my head. Maybe there is someone else that could talk to this person and point out how bad their behaviour is and that especially in your condition she just needs to back off and leave you alone completely. Continue blocking facebook / phone / email etc as much as you can - you can change your settings so it won't accept message from people you haven't accepted as friends on facebook. Good luck - she's clearly a horrible person!


She's a friends daughter. What's her importance or relevance? She's not your family.The only opinions of you that should matter are the ones of people who care about you. Even they shouldn't matter. It sounds as I'd her.criticisms hurt and stress you because you believe them to be true. So what if.they.are? Maybe you've made.mistakes or done bad things? So what? You're allowed to. To be human is to err. Never look back because you can't.change what's gone before. Just concentrate on getting to your baby being born and.everything will click into place.


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