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could this be a missed carriage?

today was supposed to be my 10 week check up. on my 6 week check up the doctor showed me the tiny baby in the sac. today i was supposed to be around 10 weeks but when he did an ultra sound there was no baby or heart beat. the ultra sound showed i was only 7weeks and 5days. i have no signs of bleeding and i still feel some pregnancy symptoms could this be a missed carriage?

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Hi it really is hard to tell on this one you should phone your local early pregnancy assesment unit as normally you don't have a scan at 10 weeks its allways 12 weeks unless there is a reason to and at 7 weeks they generaly do an internal scan as this gives them a clear view as the baby is still developing and to small to detect on a ultrasound scan over the stomache what has your GP / Midwife advised you to do? Sorry if this is no help its so hard to tell Hope you get the answers your looking for and keep us updated if possible


hi it sounds to me like a blighted ovum which is what i had if you google it then you will know what its about but hopefully its not the case .please let me know how you get on.big hugs


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