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Gloss paint during pregnancy

I posted a question quite a while ago about decorating in pregnancy and I went ahead with doing exactly that. Wearing a face mask for the sanding and ventilating the room when painting with emulsion.

My partner is working very hard so hasn't got the time to do it, I'm 33.5 weeks so I'm taking it easy but my nesting vibe has gone into overdrive and I just want a few things done!

Have any of you done any glossing whilst pregnant? I know it is more stinky than emulsion and I'm not sure how safe it is inhaling the fumes as I don't have a special mask that can filter that chemical out.

Any advice DIY mums out there?

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Hi, I did redecorating when I was 6&half months pregnant.. But I didn't know till 7months. I used gloss, emulsion and even wallpapered. Maybe its because I didn't know and had the windows wide open but I felt fine the whole time. Hope that helps x


Thank you! I'm fascinated by you being 6.5 months pregnant and not knowing, what a lovely surprise for you. Windows will be very wide open.. just trying to muster the energy to finish the emulsion! So tired! :) xx


I was underweight originally so had to gain weight anyway.. And continued having periods aha. Was lovely yeah, massive shock but I love my little girl. And aww, hope you're done soon xx


Buy a water based gloss (most are nowerdays). Even oil based paints are 'ok', so long as you're not a pregnant decorator (as exposure to anything nasty will be minimal). The 'problem'' with gloss paint used to be it's high lead content, which is now illegal. But that's why there are so many does and don'ts about stripping rooms in houses - especially older ones...


Thank you DrFluffy! I'll keep the windows wide open and secretly hope my partner will do it for me but I think secretly he's rather turned on by me decorating, he comes in and grins at me with a strange glint in his eye! Funny sausage that he is! :) x


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