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(TMI warning). Discharge and amniotic fluid?

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I'm now 23 weeks three days, just wondering a rather personal question!

I ave increased cm as expected, no smell just normal, but what has worried me is that sometimes it is so watery and I feel wet and my knickers are wet, not enough to wear a pad but I often change to feel fresher!

Is anyone the same? Could it be amniotic fluid leaking?

Thanks ladies x

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Same here... When I first noticed it I was a little shocked because I thought of incontinence and was worried about my pelvic floor, but it seems to be normal. I don't know what it is exactly, but my doctor said it was fairly normal. He confirmed my cervix is exactly as it should be, so I don't think it's amniotic fluid. Well, one of the joys of pregnancy obviously... ;)

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Panty liners are my new best friend, change them twice a day.... :S

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I had EXACTLY the same thing at more or less the same time (am now 28 weeks today). It panicked me no end - I had myself utterly convinced it was a slow leak of amniotic fluid, so I'm glad you've asked Dr for reassurance. It took me speaking to Dr, Community Midwife Team, and even the PAU before I stopped fretting.

And yes, try pads or liners if necessary because (again possibly TMI) but getting sore 'down there' is horrible and just gives you something else to panic about when that starts bleeding....!

All these grotty symptoms that no-one warns you about, eh...?!

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Sorry, newlywed, glad you spoke to Dr....! (My brain's had it today) Skyblueboston - seems same as me, but of course if you can't get it out your head, please get checked!

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I have kept an eye on this today and no wetness! So I don't thinks a leak but if I get wet again then I will go to the maternity assessment unit on Monday, but I reckon like U all said its just another thing no one told us about lol xxx

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I was leaking discharge like nobody's business from about then until last Mon, the day my daughter was born. It was like a torrent!!! Definitely no amniotic fluid though, I'm sure you're fine :-)

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Hi all,

So glad i found this question - Skyblueboston, i have the same thing and was getting worried too! I'm 19 weeks today, and from pretty much the beginning I had much more discharge, no smell etc, just MORE of it! And sometimes i could feel a small gush and ran to the toilet. Was a bit worried that it might be the fluid (how on earth are we suppose to tell the difference i don't know!), but reading up on different forums it seems like i'm not the only one. Have my 2nd scan next week so will definitely ask about it though! Hope you are well xx

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