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9ish weeks

I'm just over 9 weeks (I think) for two weeks now I have been terribly ill, I've had these two weeks off work but I'm feeling no better and feel really bad for having time off, should I?! & I'm always feeling really down, I've not had any energy to do things I normally do such as clean the house, do the shopping etc, I'm only 18 & I feel very fed up and lonely my family and my partner are there for me but sometimes I just need to be alone and still feel lonely I'm starting to really dislike my pregnancy and I've always thought it should be a wonderful thing. I've seen my GP but he is such a useless doctor and just brushes me off I hate going there someone help me! I need cheering up majorly :( I can't eat or drink properly or anything :(

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Ah Hun, I remember your first post, I'm pleased you decided to rest up. Thing is if your still too ill to work like me then get signed off and your employer will pay you ssp for 28 weeks then u can go onto employment support allowance if you need to.

The first trimester is very tiring and alot of changes are happening, I felt very down and scared coz I kept thinking the worst would happen and lose this baby.

I'm now 23 weeks very much more settled and excited although up to 21 weeks I was being sick five times a day, hence I felt down.

I can't do things like I used to coz my back is painful, so I do housework and shopping in bits and not all in one day.

Ask to see a different doctor you are allowed a choice!

Stop putting too much pressure on yourself, listen to your body, if it says rest then do that.

You will feel better by at least 21 weeks most women do, infact you will probably start to get more xcited.

Take care Hun, u can chat with me anytime xxx


I am 24 and 12 weeks, I have been very ill too although it has started to ease off, I haven't been eating dinner and the thought of preparing meals is a vile thought, the change in u emotionally and physically will get to u, I had a moment last week where I was so tired and just wanted to go home and sleep, I cried and just got a bit worked up. but I feel btr than I did 3 weeks ago and I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and yes u may not want to eat or drink but try fruit or biscuits as snacks or cereal. hopefully u feel btr soon, get lots of rest and don't let urself get hungry coz tht can make u feel more sick, even something little just to keep u going is btr than nothing xx


Thank you ladies sorry for my late reply I haven't been able to get on here! Back to work today:( and still majorly tired! I feel stressed that my boss is gonna push me and think I'm better.... Ahhhhhh


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