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Help! 29 weeks and been told baby weighs 3.5lbs already...predicted 9lbs at term!


I had a private scan this week and they did all the measurements and plotted bump's growth in my green notes. I was told he weighs about 3.5llbs and if he continues to grow on the scale will be 9lbs on my due date....and heavier if I'm overdue, which is apparently very likely being my first!

I'm very petite (pre bump) and a bit of a lightweight with blood, pain etc at the best of times, so I'm ever so slightly panicked now about having a large baby, even more so because my sister in law had complications at birth and her son ended up with disabilities because they didn't intervene in him getting stuck/distressed during birth.

Anyone else in the same boat and am I just being silly to worry?

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My sister just had her baby, she was induced three weeks early coz he was a heavy baby, he weighed 9 pound 10 ounces, he would ave been alot heavier if they waited but the doctors will not let you wait if the babies birth weight will be high.

The usual cut off point is 9 .5 pounds they say we can deliver this size naturally, my sister had forceps aswell.

For me I will discuss this with the midwife and I will not push beyond nine pounds and will try to get them to agree, but I will have to wait another six weeks to find the weight out at 28 weeks,

Have a chat with the m/w explain your worries and see what she recommends.

Thank god for an epidural, I will most certainly be requesting one of those lol.

Don't worry, be glad your baby is eating well and is obviously very content:)

Thank you! Yes I think I will need to discuss with my midwife. Reassuring to hear they won't let you push beyond a certain weight...still all a bit daunting, but as you say, thank goodness for pain relief... I'm going to get my tens machine on order too I think! I am very glad that baby is obviously getting what he needs, as I was very I'll early on, so this clearly didn't affect him at all ;-) Cx

My baby showed big at my 29 week growth scan and I like you panicked that I was going to have a huge baby. However at the 33 week scan all had slowed down and was heading for a more normal size baby. The weight is just an estimate and they can't accurately predict it just give you can idea of what it might be. Speak to your midwife but don't worry they will keep an eye on the size of your bump at every appointment. Just because other people have had problems delivering doesn't mean you will and babies tend to follow maternal trends so your sister in laws birth shouldn't be anything like your will be. Good luck x

dont worry too much about it, when your midwife measures your bump its just an estimated weight which they give you so your baby could be smaller or larger than what you are being told. I measured at having a big 6lb - small 7lb baby and he was 8lb 3oz when born so this show's that the measuring of the bump can sometimes be totally inaccurate. As for your sister in laws labour and birth don't let that worry you, everyone labour and birth is different and you will probably fly through it. Good luck :)


Hi I had no bump at 7 months (I looked slightly bloated but nothing obvious) however my daughter weighed 7lb. Then 2&half months later she was born weighing 8lb 3 but they thought shed be over 9. I wouldn't worry, its just an estimation :-)

Thank you everyone, it's so useful to hear your experiences. I will keep a close eye on the growth chart and definitely speak to my midwife at my next appointment in 3wks time. Thank you again I really appreciate the advice. X

I've had my mother in law telling me horror stories of her births, lasting days and days, huge babies, etc, etc, but as someone mentioned already, look to your own mother for an indication of what you are more likely to go through. And when the time comes, if you need it, use the pain relief on offer - nothing wrong with an epidural! I'm sure you and baby will be fine. Oh, and I was the first baby in my family and I was 2 weeks early, so I don't think it's worth worrying about something that might not happen!

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