12 week scan tomorrow

this is my 4th pregnancy i have two children already who are 12 and 9 ,i been with my partner 4 years now 2 yrs ago i had a miscarriage,my partner dont have any children and its my 12 week scan tom im sssooooo nervous as i want this so much ,i feel really pregnant at the moment and my breast are very sore still ,if everythings ok tom i will have to have stitch in my cervix cos had 60% of that removed 5 years ago


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7 Replies

  • Good luck for tomorrow, sounds like you have strong symptoms of pregnancy which I personally think is a good sign.


  • thank you , last time when i had the miscarriage i knew something was wrong was getting pains and didnt feel pregnant for long i only got to 6 weeks then . i think its because i want it so much for me and my partner this time i keep worrying .

  • I know how you feel, I only got to 7.5 weeks before so ths time around I have been super anxious but getting better as the weeks go by x

  • Good luck for tomorrow Hun x

  • All the best for tomorrow - all sounds good x

  • gd luck, I have my scan on Monday for my first child, I am so nervous too just coz I don't know what to expect but not in a bad way! x

  • thank you all for your kind words ,went for my scan babys fine! xx they said im more 10 weeks then 12 so going back next week for another .xx

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