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I have just found out i'am pregant last week and since i found out iv done nothing but worry. this is my first baby my docter thinks i'm about 8 weeks i think the worrying is because 6 years ago i didnt know i was pregant untill i had a missarrage. so im scared it will happen again i'm very happy to be pregant and cant wait to have my baby. i just want to know is this normal for me to feel this way?

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Yep, I think I still worry a lot now even though I'm 22 weeks pregnant, but I was more scared leading up to 12 weeks coz I had a misscarriage at 7.5 weeks.

I'm becoming more confident as I feel baby moving, or kicking me like tonight:)

Try and think positive, I know this is hard! U only have another 4 weeks till u are at a safe point of 12 weeks after this point it starts to get easier, for me I can't wait to reach 24 weeks as I know most babies survive if born early, but I try not to think like this too much.

Push those worries out of your head, try and keep busy.

Good luck xx


thank you good luck xx


I think it is normal to worry for every mum-to-be, and if you miscarried once it is natural for you to be scared it might happen again. But you'll see, with every week going by, you will get calmer. Your next milestone is 12 weeks, after that you'll not worry as much anymore. Until then, just remember that this is a new pregnancy. Just because it happened once, doesn't mean it will happen again. Try to think positive and if you are worried about something or have a question, ask your doctor or your midwife. All the best to you, and enjoy your pregnancy! xx


thank you xx


Hi, I am pregnant for the first time and am 5 weeks ago at the moment. I am nervous and willing the 12 week milestone to hurry up. You aren't alone when you feel scared Hun but I keep trying to think positive and it is starting to calm my slightly. Good luck and congratulations x x


absolutley, you baby will be fine as long as you stay calm and stress free, look after yourself. and do things you enjoy. sounds like a nice surprise to me. x


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