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37 weeks with sharp pains in my cervix, has anyone else had this?

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I'm 37 weeks pregnant and I keep getting sharp pains right where my cervix is. Has anyone else had these pains?. It's been happening for the last two weeks. This is my second baby and I didn't have this with my first. I know that pelvic pressure is normal but this really hurts sometimes. I had an internal exam done on Tuesday and my cervix is still closed but it's soft. I'm being induced in 11 days as I have gestational diabetes but I am so sick of these sharp stabbing pains, has anyone else had this happen to them? If so what can I do to get more comfortable?. My midwife has said it's nothing to worry about but it really is uncomfortable when it happens.

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Yep, it is small contractions, I'm 21 weeks mine was brought on by a kidney infection.

I was given antibiotics and they went away.

They can start if u are dehydrated, also what helped me through these very painful shhoting pains, was laying on my left side, pillow between legs, drank lots of water.

You need to ring the midwife as I think you could be going into early labour or danger of this, mind u luckily your are 37 weeks, they might give u steroids to develop babies lungs, or even gve u tablets to slow down the contractions.

It's scary, I was very cared as I knew it would not be a good outcome if I kept getting them so early. But for u, keep calm and ring the midwife and demand to be seen.

Good luk xxx

Hi hun, I am 33 weeks with my 3rd baby. With my second I had VERY severe SPD (Now referred to as pelvic girdle pain) to the point I was induced early and advised not to have anymore children. Needless to say number 3 is a happy accident, although sadly I am having exactly the same health problems again. That pain you are describing I have had for the past 12 weeks.... a real ripping stabbing pain.... I think you are possibly having mild SPD experiences! Try to stand up from sitting very slowly using something grab onto to push/pull yourself up etc.... quick movements will most definitely increase the frequency and severity of those pains if it is SPD. I have a pretty extreme example (haven't been able to leave the house for six weeks and being induced early again so I can have steroid injections in my spine to treat my, now permanently damaged back) but it does sound like you might be experiencing a similar sort of thing. Standing for long periods, putting weight on one leg (sit down to put socks on etc) getting in and out of a car and hoovering (just a few EG's) can all really aggravate it..... you only have a few weeks so just sit with your feet up, take it easy and hopefully those pains will subside. Do have a word with your midwife about SPD though... it is sometime necassary to have physio after baby is born to reduce any long lasting effects (i did for a year with number two and already booked in with number 3!) Good luck xxxx

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I am almost 95% sure I have SPD but my doctor won't take me seriously since this is my first child I have carried almost full term. But all of my symptoms match 100% it's so frustrating!

Thank you both very much for your answers. I really appreciate it. I'm going to look into this pelvic girdle pain. I will give my midwife a ring aswell. Like you say I havnt got long left now so hopefully once my baby is born it will go away on it's own. Good luck to both of you with your pregnancies :-) xxxxxx

Hi there,

If you have been checked over by the midwife and they are content everything is ok, it could well be SPD. I am an osteopath and I see a lot of this with pregnancy, I would advice you to see either a physio via your GP or a local ostoepath as if it is SPD it can respond very well to the right treatment. In the mean time, have a look at the website below for some tips on how to manage it. I hope it helps. Claire


I will have a look thanks Claire :-) xx

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