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Not feeling very pregnant :(

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone else has been feeling "not very pregnant". Feels weird to say but I honestly don't feel it. I'll be 12 weeks Sunday and got our first scan on the 14th Feb (really can't wait) but I do wonder if little one is ok in there.

I was feeling really sick most of day which I'm pleased has stopped now, as has sore boobs and I've actually been sleeping a bit better too. The only thing I still have is food - going off things and not really wanting anything :( lol.

Anyone else experienced this?? It's my first baby so no idea what's normal or not

Thanks xx

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I'm twenty weeks now, and everyday has been different, some times I'm so sick and bloated other days I feel great!

If I see no bleeding this is. Great sign all is well.

U may just be a lucky lady and breeze through


going off food has been pretty normal to me! I had awful sickness and now at 24 weeks I am still not wanting alot of food, and the only food I do fancy is very bad for you :P but all food seems awful and some days id be happy having a piece of toast


Hi when I started feeling pregnant I hadn't had sex in a couple of months, so I went to the doctors and surprise surprise I was 6 days off of being 7months! Everyones different and if you're that worried, I'd buy one of those home monitors :-)


Hi, i had the same at the beginning of my pregnancy, but it is my third child. I am currently 31 weeks and my symptoms have been up and down like a roller coaster, totally different other 2 pregnancies. I think sometimes we only see in the press about the symptoms of pregnancy but i have a few friends who had zero symptoms (i call them very.lucky). My other pregnancies i had all.he symptoms, severe sickness (1st one it went at 7 months, 2nd around 6months) heartburn one, tiredness, no appetite whereas this pregnancy i have had them slightly but except.the heartburn.

All the best with your scan xx


I feel the same :-) I'm just over 22 weeks now and still don't really feel pregnant. I've got various symptoms (bigger breasts, lots of indigestion, not sleeping well...) but I still don't feel pregnant :-). I'm also not showing very much, so this may be a part of it.

I think it's just a case of getting used to the idea and it's hard to believe it's happening without being able to constantly check!!

The main thing is that it's not just you, it's me too (and I'm sure quite a few other people too)

Good luck for your scan - there's nothing quite like seeing your baby on the screen (and coming away with a photo) to help you believe it's really happening :-)


You have exactly my story it seems - I never felt very pregnant - So I was very amused to see a tiny baby waving hello on the dating scan and more recently I asked my mid-wife if there is a possibility that babies can disappear in womb without any external symptom of bleeding etc - She was laughing ! we heard the baby heart beat running like a horse.

I am week 16 now (probably would be 17 tomorrow) and I think not only that I dont feel pregnant, I am infact more active and dancing around !! welcome to the better pregnancy side :)


This is pretty normal. During the first trimester, most women get symptoms caused by hormones that rage while the placenta is being created and then die down. During the third trimester, most women get sypmtoms caused by their now pretty big uterus displacing many of their other internal organs. But it's quite common to get a grace period in between, after your hormones have died down a bit but before you're massive, where you feel pretty good. You might even experience a sudden surge in engery soon if you haven't already. My advice to you would be to make the most of it. Do romantic/fun things with your partner/friends/family while you're still in the mood, travel if you have the means and desire, and of course, tackle those projects around the house you want done before the baby arrives. It may be some time before your hormonally-induced nesting instinct kicks in, if it ever does, but as a rational human being you don't have to wait for a hormonal trigger to get organized. Even in the most uncomplicated pregnancy, a lot of things get more difficult toward the end, and if you should experience any complications, you may find that some things you were planning to do during the last couple months become a physical impossibility, so enjoy not feeling pregnant while it lasts :)


Thanks everyone for your comments :)

It's nice to know I'm not alone and it is normal.

Roll on the 14th so we can see baby for the first time :) (and hopefully be told there is just one!) lol



Not that I would mind if there if this :) xxxx


I'm 16 weeks and felt far more pregnant during my first trimester - largely because I felt like crap! No tummy yet, boobs less painful, sleeping well!!! The blinking spots haven't gone though!


Hi Fieldy78 - I'm now 24 weeks, and couldn't really believe I was pregnant until my first scan.

I didn't have many symptoms - my boobs were bigger, and I was very tired, but I didn't feel sick or go off foods or anything. I did worry that this meant the pregnancy wasn't strong, but I now know it doesn't mean that at all. It's just that different women get different symptoms.

So I hope you keep feeling well, and not too sick, and best of luck with your scan!



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