Symptoms have faded quite a bit

Hi everyone, I wonder whether anyone hasexperienced a drop in symptoms at 9 weeks (exactly today) my food aversions are not as strong, boobs not as sore etc.... I have had a previous miscarriage so this is scaring me as this happened before but at an earlier stage. My friend said she thinks it might be the placenta starting to work a bit (although I know this wouldn't be fully up and running for another few weeks.) Any advice would be appreciated x x

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  • But I did forget to add I'mabsolutely starving eg up 3 am this morning eating crumpets x

  • During early pregnancy, I experienced single days now and then where the symptoms were not as strong as the days before and where I almost felt "normal". But the next day, the symptoms usually got stronger again. Although I worried whenever I felt better back then, I now know it's completely normal to notice a drop and then again a rise in symptoms - at least it was for me and for many other women I know. Try not to worry (I know, easier said than done), I am sure in a few days you'll feel "more pregnant" again. And remember there are those lucky girls who don't feel any symptoms at all and end up having healthy, happy babies nevertheless xx

  • Thanks, hopefully you are right I think with the bad experience I keep worrying that things are going the same way. But it's a totally different pregnancy and my babies are ok! X

  • I have had a previous misscarriage too. I'm now 20 weeks and somedays I'm so ill and others I feel fine, up and down all the time xx

  • Hi - Yes I had exactly the same thing, with the symptoms seeming to fade away, and like you, having a previous miscarriage, was sure that it meant the hormones were dropping and it was going to be the same again. That was 3 weeks ago, I'm now 11 1/2 weeks and early scan last week showed everything was fine so far. I have no idea the reasons behind it, but I hope it works out the same for you and try not to worry too much.

  • Hi I am 31 weeks and when I was about 7 weeks pregnant I felt sick for 2 weeks, sore boobs, hungry etc then after this I felt fine - not even pregnant. I also posted on here cos I was worried as it was another 4 weeks until my midwife appointment.

    After a few days it started again with headaches, tiredness etc - and I defo felt pregnant (or rather ill).

    Again I still get sick days and days when I cant lift my head off the pillow or days when I cant fill my bottomless pit of a belly. I dont think you can judge how you feel to how the pregnancy is developing as every pregnancy will be different.

    Take Care x

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