Feeling quite down today

Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can reassure me. I don't know why but today I have woken up worrying about my twins. I had a scan a week ago and they found two strong heartbeats. I am now 8 +5 today but I'm so worried about them. I haven't had any bleeding this week at all fingers crossed, my boobs are still sore. But I feel like my nausea isn't anywhere near as bad as it was but I have never been sick with it. I had a previous miscarriage in September and personally think this is why I'm feeling this way. My husband think its the hormones. Has anyone else felt this way? Xxxx

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  • i totally understand how u feel... ive had 3 previous miscarriages and the fairest i got was 10 weeks.. Im currently pregnant and am just short of 13 weeks.. Ive been that nervous me and my partner has paid private for reasurance scans.. My next scan is monday but ive got so anxious and have convinced myself that something is wrong even tho ive got a fetal doppler and have been listening to my babys heartbeat... I think its just my mind playing tricks on me as av been through 3 miscarriages and have always found out with the dating scan.. with them not being able to find a heartbeat.. so am guessing its just the phobia i have.. Good luck and try and think postive even tho i know how difficult tht is x

  • Thanks Emma I am trying too I felt great when they told me that they were fine on the scan last week and that I was further on than when I miscarried last time. I had a private scan last week after I had a dark brown bleed. But I feel like I want a scan every week to put my mind at rest. I would be more happy getting past the twelve week mark I keep telling myself just three weeks to go x x good luck I'm sure everything will be fine for you

  • I think it is completely normal to be worried - sometimes more, sometimes less. During early pregnancy, I was worried all the time. Whenever I had a scan, I was reassured for a couple of days, but I soon started all over again. After week 12, it got better, but even now (I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow) I sometimes wake up with a feeling something is or might go wrong. Last week my mum and I did some babyshopping, and I wasn't able to feel happy about the cute stuff we bought because I had a day of constant worry. But again, I think it is normal to worry - we are going to be mommies, and that's what mommies do ;)

  • Thankyou for your kind words and thanks to this community you find out you are not alone. I'm very much the same worrying not long after a scan and I more than likely wont have another for another three weeks. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy. Xxx

  • You're very welcome. Yes, this community is great and has been very helpful for me so far. All the best to you too! xx

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