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Avoiding over eating

Well... I'm hungry all the time! I keep thinking it's dinner time! I have been naughty and possibly eating a bit tooooooooooo much! I think there may be parts of what I'm eating that the baby wants. At the moment I'm scoffing coco puffed rice (we all know what brand I'm talking about) and actually think that it's the milk I'm after or more specifically calcium (I'm week 28 so perhaps little one is strengthening her bones).

I don't calorie count and I'm following no diet or way of eating but I'm curious how best to avoid eating too much and how to deal with this raging hunger! Any clues? Seriously, sometimes I wake up in the night very keen to eat food (I don't tend to and just get a glass of water to drink in case I mistook the hunger for thirst!)

My favourite things to eat recently have been:

Avocado, banana and honey and milk smoothie! (strange drink but so tasty)

Peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches (very tasty)

coco puffed rice (very big bowls)

I do have meals too but the above are my recent food heavens!

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I'm only 17/18 weeks and I don't know if I should be at this stage but I'm always hungry too. I'm struggling with this the most. Before I got pregnant I was a member of a slimming club and had lost a stone in weight so I have been used to watching what I'm eating and when. Now I'm always hungry. I drink water all day to help thinking it might be dehydration but I'm still looking for food. I could eat a big dinner at 5.00 and then by 8.00 I'm hungry again. If I don't eat something then I would be awake during the night starving. I try my best to reach for fruit but sometimes that's just not enough. I feel like I'm always eating.


Hey there. I am 29 weeks and am either hungry or tired at all times! If I'm hungry, I try drinking water (well, blackcurrent squash which I can't get enough of right now). If that doesn't keep the hunger at bay I eat! I have really got into popcorn at the minute - much less calories than crisps and I just tell myself it's mostly air :o)

I also eat a lot of Muller Light yogurts.. And have just discovered All Bran do a chocolate cereal so I get a treat and lots of fibre!

I know that whatever excess weight you put on you have to lose later (as my mum kept reminding me when I reached for the chocolate tin over Christmas) but frankly over the past 6 months I have put up with sickness, tiredness, constipation and a host of other

things that were fairly unpleasant a times. If I want to eat, I'm gonna eat!!



I'm hungry most of the time I'm 19 weeks have put on just over a stone! I have to eat every three to four hours otherwise my sickness starts! Midwife said just listen to your body! I so dink a lot maybe 6 pints of water a day plus decaf tea, and usually a pint of milk.


It's hard ! like u I never watched what I ate or calorie counted b4 I was pregnant and generally stayed around a size 12 sometimes a 10 sometimes up to 14 I never bothered me I just went with the flow as there was usually a reason behind it. I didn't even own a pair of scales!

Any way I put on at least 3 stone with my now 3 yo, lost a stone of that right after baby but kept the other 2 and size 14 /16 ! I did diet when he had just turned 1 and I got to my pre pregnancy weight and back in a size 12 even a 10 and kept it off most a year but then gradually put it all back over last year so b4 Xmas I was back to the weight I started at 2 years ago ! Then found out I was pregnant after trying for nearly 2 years I was super happy but worried about how much weight I was gona gain and how I would get rid of it! I can cope with my size as I was but feel I couldn't carry any more comfortably and confidently!

Well I'm 11 weeks and at 1st the only symptom I had was being off my food then from about 7 weeks sickness morning and evening so only eat what I can in the afternoon and iv just about lost 1stone since being pregnant! This is new to me but feel this is making way for my gainl later on ( hopefully ) i don't want to feel this rubbish much longer! I had slight motion sickness with my son but that was it, now I get out of bed and chuck up for no reason sometimes water won't even settle till afternoon!

As someone else said listen to ur body! If ur drinking , u know it's not thirst. take ur time and chew ur food then u will realise when ur full and to stop. If ur cravings r what u want could u substitute for another meal rather than having all?

Try not to worry and just do what u think.


I am 29+6 and seem to be hungry a lot also but have gestational diabetes so can't have sugar, milk, too much carbs. I love my milk.but it is bad for me with gd. I normally have sugar free items anyways because of my other 2 children. My last 2 pregnancies i didn't have gd. Even having too much fruit is bad so i can't win. Been living of salad but not.really the weather for it. Good luck.ladies with your pregnancies, not too long to go now i am booked in for a section on the 4th April, hoping he decides to make an appearance by himself instead of a section but 2 previous sections i have no choice. My due date is 11-4-13


Thanks for sharing your experiences! Eek! I definitely need to make some changes. I was tested for gestational diabetes and don't have it but it's not the green light to eat too much carbs.

Pre-pregnancy I was a size 8 and weighed 9 stone. I've put on at least a stone and a bit during pregnancy and whilst I welcome the weight gain (a sign of enough fluid in the tummy, baby weight, boob weight) I just want to avoid being excessive. I'm not a big eater pre pregnancy (all though I do have my moments!) so I know that my eating habits have gone awry.

There is a part of me that is concerned with my body being wildly different to what it was before but I have to accept that life as I know it in all possible ways is never going to be the same again with a little person to take care of.

I've been good today so far, bag of cashew nuts (I can't stand nuts to be honest)

11th April is soon, so excited for all of us! I'm due on the 19th April.



Hi, whilst pregnant I put teeny bits of chilli on my food. (Not all LOL) and that helped, you eat less but it should make you feel fuller and it speeds up your motabolism so if you're eating a lot you won't gain stones.. I was back to my pre pregnancy weight (9st) a week after my daughter was born and I ate so much junk everyday :-)


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