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My pregnancy so far!

I'm now 19 weeks and so happy to be pregnant, at 33 and with pcos and one miscarriage this surprise pregnancy in my eyes is a complete miricale.

I thought I would share some of my aches and pains to see how many others get them and basically how I compare to others!

To be honest I thought I would just breeze through pregnancy and carry on everyday life normally and glow, I'm not really sure this has happened!

From two weeks to ten weeks my breasts were so painful I cried and found it hard to wear a bra!

From two weeks to 12 weeks I felt like crap, like I had a hangover, I felt nausea, extreme tiredness and like my mind was foggy.

From 12 weeks to the present day I now throw up at least once a day.

I can't sleep in my bed, so I sleep on the sofa, even though I tried a pregnancy pillow I just couldn't get comfy.

Sleep is very broken and I wake up early

Some cravings, mainly carbs and salt!

Bad hip pain and back pain sporadically over the weeks.

Shin splints in my left shin mainly weeks 8 to ten

From week 10 to now extremely painful, stiff hands and now my wrists!

Headaches mainly from weeks two to ten!

Heartburn on and off, with far to much gas!

Unstoppable weeing

My tummy is lovely round and neat, I have put on just over 1 stone!

Spots, I never get these normally!

Gone off nearly all my usual foods

Round ligament aches and pains in week ten and eighteen

Emotional, cry very easily and so anxious

Lots of cm,

Sore arches of my feet!

Vivid dreams from weeks ten and seventeen till present day

From week six to 12 I had major nasal congestion, thank god for vix

My heart seems to beat so fast and loud I sometimes feel like I'm going to have a heart attack

I drink soooooo much water

Bloating from week four to ten

So there u are, most of my symptoms listed, is this normal! And how do u feel in pregnancy? Great, amazing, super women? Or like me not that great but still very happy!

Thanx xxxxx

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Gosh! I felt so bad for you !!

I would wait to see what others have to say I am week 15 now or slightly over it. And I am not having most of the things that you described. But maybe because I am 28 and I was never on pills (dont know if it really has anything to do with it though)

But I guess I am just more lucky than others :)


Lol lucky u x mind u least I'm getting through it now lol


Well, that is quite a list but actually it made me smile, not because of the discomfort but because you list a lot of what no one associates with pregnancy. I'd never heard of round ligament pain, I thought that pregnancy sickness would just stop at 12 weeks (ha!) Had no clue about vivid dreaming etc etc.

I don't think it's lucky or unlucky to have these symptoms and age, only in my opinion, has nothing to do with the presence or absence of similar.

I'm 38, first pregnancy and I too have the vivid dreaming, a brief spate of nasal congestion during early pregnancy, always had intermittent sleep, peeing more, food aversions and new food cravings. Ahh the return of teenage like spots (hello hormones!) I relate to that one! My face is like braille sometimes! :) I've put on a stone in weight too, quite a healthy amount to gain I'd say. Emotional too although I'm not feeling like I want to cry but just more sensitive and I have to check in with myself to make sure I think as clearly as I can before I speak. Gas/wind ahoy! I relate, much to the horror of my partner and to me frankly! I seem to have bypassed heartburn so far...

Ahhh so many unspoken about symptoms with pregnancy... the joys of person making!



I think it's soo different for us all. Now 24 weeks.

40 with first baby

Never had sickness ( not once!)

Had that horrid nasal pregnancy rhinitis :-/

Sore boobs early on and again recently but now ok

Get tired mid afternoon

Achy ankles from standing walking too long

No food on/ offs, just graze than big meals.

Put on about 12lbs( mostly boobs!)

Sleeps bit off in between dreams, wee stops etc

Appartment from that pretty fine. Doing yoga helps for me:-)

Mind you the wind is another matter omg! Not glam!

Take care

A x


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