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COLDSORES in Pregnancy!!!

I have never (and still haven't) had a coldsore on my mouth. I very occasionally (maybe once every year) got what i thought was a minor coldsore spot on the inside of my nose but since getting pregnant I have had TWO. Each time it has been below my nose and disgusting!

Having never had a visible coldsore before getting pregnant i just wondered if anyone has had a similar experience?!

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I have had coldsores for quite a few years and they are very unsightly and annoying I agree. I have only ever had them on my lip though. Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about them once they're there. You are probably getting them because your immune system is a bit lower due to you being pregnant. I usually find that the best way to get rid of them is just to touch them as little as possible and let them dry out on their own. I know it's horrible :-(


I dont mean to scare you but Dont knock it, yout body will build up an immunity if you've had them before or get them before you was pregant and it passes immunity onto little one. Which is good as I knew a woman who's newborn died from the herpes simplex virus as baby didnt have immunity and mum got it just after bbirth and passed it to baby :( so yes they are ugly and horrible I know as I get them but they could save your child's life.


*Had them before or get them while pregnant


Hi Smile123,

Cold sores are an opportunistic virus, it lies in wait for when your immune system is weak and then attacks. And as others said, once you have it, it doesn't go away, although it can lie dormant for quite sometime.

They are very annoying & painful things, I've been getting them for the last 13 years or so.

You can try something called Virulite, just google it. It's a device that emits a certain band of light that has been shown to help prevent cold sores when used at the tingling phase and help them heal faster if it does go into full outbreak. I use it, and it helps me.

Also, using ice to numb it will help the pain and swelling, some people say that it helps stop the virus from really getting going.

To try and prevent them, wear a high SPF sunscreen on your face, always. UV light is a trigger. If you do any flying, drink lots and lots of water and keep your skin well moisturised.

During an outbreak, don't touch the sore, wash your hands regularly and make sure that you don't share towels, otherwise, everyone else will be getting it too! And if you use a towel on it, put it straight in the wash, to stop it spreading on you as well. drink lots of fluids, get rest.

I found that acupuncture helps, and this is safe during pregnancy. Acupuncture works by boosting your immune system, just remember to tell the practitioner that you are pregnant, there are some points that shouldn't be used in pregnancy (in your legs and feet). It helped me stop a vicious cycle of getting cold sores every month and at times, as soon as one healed, another started - very depressing! After more than a year of this, the acupuncture treatment had me cold sore free for 8 months, then my next outbreak was quite small. You do have to go regularly, one appointment may not be enough. Nice thing is that the acupuncture can help you with other pregnancy issues/ailments at the same time!

When you're not pregnant, you can use a topical cream that has acyclovir in it, just ask your pharmacist. If they keep coming back regularly, see you GP and ask for a prescription strength, tablet form of acyclovir, this really stops the cold sore in its tracks, especially if you start taking it as soon as you feel the tingling.

Hope that helps, sorry for the long post!


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