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27 weeks and having lots of pain in my hips. Has anyone else had this?

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About 4 weeks ago if i sat for a while then tried to get up id have shooting pains in my hip area as i tried to walk but this past week its getting more intense and also happening if im just walking any distance, also very uncomfortable in bed when i change position (roll over or even getting out of bed) i never had anything like this with my first pregnancy. Why have i got this now? Its just really getting me down as i didnt think id be in pain till the end. Any advise on how to relieve it will be much appreciated. I last seen my midwife at around 14 weeks and have a midwife appointment on Monday (as you dont get seen as often with your second) i plan to talk to her about this but i feel 6 days is a million years away when i feel like this :(

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Phone your midwife. I've had the same problem am 12 weeks and mine said when you pregnant your ligament are softer and just rest

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Thank you for replying. Thing is they still hurt even when i am resting :( i only have to move slightly and i feel some pain :( do you have to go to physio or anything?

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Join the club! I'm 17 weeks and or the last two days I have been n so much pain with my left hip, like u moving is a nightmare, changing positions in bed nearly makes me cry! So today I bought heat patches as I don't take medicine when I'm pregnant. Hopefully this will help. Also I have had a ad ack etc in the past and I was devised to not stop moving otherwise it makes it worse. U might have spd, I think that's where I'm heading. My sister had this and a bump belt help the condition by supporting the belly so some if the strain is taken from the ligaments. You can get this on prescription for free :)

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Yes thats exactly what im feeling!! It started in my right hip and now is in both, but still more painful in the right. I tried a hot water bottle to my right hip but didnt make any difference :( spd? What is that, ive heard briefly of pelvic displacement is that it? I didnt even think about taking tablets as i didnt think they would do anything being the kind of pain and the area if that makes any sense. Thank you for replying, feels a little better to know im not the only one but sorry your feeling it too :(

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Sorry i can't help with the hip.problem.but.it seems a long time to have gone between mv visits. In my area you get seen after your 20 week scan. I have to take tinzaparin to.thin my blood so.i have to do.regular.visits to.the hospital, ( sometimes twice a week other times once a fortnight) plus i have to have growth scans at 28,32,36 weeks followed by.a 2 hour wait to see consultant :-(. Currently i am 27+5 so only 11 weeks on Thursday to go. Good luck with your hips and baby :-)

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1st time mums would see midwife at 25 weeks but as this is my second i dont get that one and have the 28 week app. Then miss out 31 weeks but get the 34 week. I think its a little unexpected as i had no problems or pains the first time. Where as now i have this hip pain and have to also have an extra scan at 34 weeks due to my stupid placenta being too close to the cervix. So im also worrying about the possibilty of having to have a c section which i really dont want. Just a bit overwhelming. Gosh you sound pretty run off your feet!! Sorry to hear your having pregnancy issues yourself. Not long to go, you'll be holding baby before you know it and this will all be a distant memory. All the best x

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Im having the same problems. Am now 36 weeks and midwife said she would refer me into physio but not heard anything yet. It started a few weeks ago at night with my hips being really painful and legs aching so bad i couldnt sleep. Gradually that has got better but it seems to have settled in my right hip which is now so painful i can hardly walk. I didnt have this with my first pregnancy and i have a 22 month old so finding it really difficult to manage as trying to take her out anywhere is really difficult. Even lifting a casserole dish into the oven causes pain! Midwife said it was SPD (also known as pelvic girdle pain) hence referal to physio. I did try one session at chiropracter but didnt like it plus sooooo expensive. I would try to get hold of your midwife and ask her to refer you to the physio and if you cant get in touch with her then see your gp.

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Thank you for your comment. Sorry that your suffering with this too :( my son is 24 months so i am in a similar position. Every time he wants me to pick him up i cry a little inside, i feel bad for not being able to do it (although i do force myself most times and battle through the pain) i hate that im feeling a bit useless. I will definitely speak to my midwife. Does this hip thing go as soon as youve had the baby? I hope these last few weeks fly for you. :) x

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Hiya, my midwife suggested aqua natal classes where you are supported in water but must be cheaper than physio if you wanted to look for a class? That way you get to meet other mums to be, but do check with your midwife...good luck and I hope it eases off for you.

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Thank you for your reply. I will certainly look into that. Anything to provide a bit of relief is definitely worth it. Good luck to you too :) x

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Hi, I have been experiencing the same thing and have been off work for a week as so painful! My doctor keeps saying its muscle strain where everything is growing and expanding! Going back tomorrow as need to get signed off! Keep trying to walk but this just causes me more issues later on. Would be grateful for any advice

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Well i saw my midwife yesterday and she said there isnt really a lot to be done. If it gets quite bad you would need to be referred to a physio. But thats all she said. Check out the comment below by J-Cake. Some very good tips. I know i'll be trying them. Good luck.

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Hi, I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have been getting hip pain for the past 8 weeks, especially at night. I have a few tips that might work. A pillow between the legs at night stops the hips and pelvis over extending. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it does ease the pain. Someone also recommended a memory foam topper mattress and this has worked wonders for me. Just put it on top of your normal mattress and it provides extra support. Heat bags which you can stick in the microwave, or a hotwater bottle also really help for me. And although it might be hard, keep moving if you can. Try to keep doing gentle exercise like yoga, swimming or walking. I find the pain much worse if I've been in one position for too long.

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Thank you so much. I will try some of that definitely. Yeah that is when i find it worse. If ive been sitting for a while and go to get up. Or in the night id ive been lying on one side and i roll to the other it feels worse. Thank you ! :)

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I had a similar problem with my second pregnancy, my midwife put it down to the ligaments being so loose and gave me a girdle to wear. Its made from high tension elastic and had three wide Velcro straps that did up under my bump. Not sure if it had a specific name but might be worth talking to your midwife and seeing if you can get one. Its worn across the hips and as I said, it has three wide straps, probably about 4 inches wide each strap, that do up from the bottom under your bump. Not only will this help stabilise your pelvis but it will also take some of the weight from your bump and help with any backache.

Hope this helps :)

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Thank you, helps a lot. Any advice is welcome. She did mention that because it was my second that things tend to be more sensitive. Seeing her again in 3 weeks so will ask her about the girdle. Thank you :)

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