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am I pregnant?

I took a pill to delay my period in November and got my period once I stopped the pill. My cycle has always been very regular, now I am 14 days late, have tender boobs, discomfort in my abdomen, I feel my periods about to start anytime, I have trouble sleeping and concentrating, I have been having mood swings, get emotional very easily but not constipated or any urine issue. Do you think I am pregnant?

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Hi the best thing is to buy a clearblue digital pregnancy test as this weill tell you if your pregnant or not and if you are pregnant it will tell you how far on you are its best to take the test first thing in the morning as this is when the best time is to detect the pregnancy hormone HCG. if your not sure about this go see you gp and ask them to do a test in the surgery and they can confirm it for you then. It sounds like your pregnant but I am not a pregnancy test its best to do one of them first thing in the mornung hope this helps


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