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16 weeks and no cravings.

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Appart from the sore boobs and earlier the continual peeing and very little symptoms. Now 16 weeks wondering if ill get any cravings? Just curious feel like I'm missing out! Lol

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With my first i had no craving; but terrible morning sickness until 7months and heaftbutn from 6 months until 2 months after having her. My second i had sought morning sickness but craved jacket potatoes now pregnant with my third, 21 +5 days and had no sickness but very tired no cravings again. I think i am very lucky for no sickness has it is dreadful going no being able to keep much down. Is this your first? Maybe if u have more it might be different.

No morning sickness at all! Not sick once, just felt bit queesy or wobbly when i was overtired, so very lucky. Yes this my first so all very new! Loving fruit but always did, have a pretty basic veggie diet with fish so was looking forward to suddenly craving ice cream or donoughts or something dont normaly go for! Obv its not an issue, just a curiosity! Lol

I had a thing about apples, and raw carrot sticks with humus, then at 12 weeks onwards I started going off food, and had to force myself to eat some days, I didn't feel sick but just no apatite. Then, at about 18 weeks woke up wanting chip shop fish especially the skin in batter. This is totally out of character as I have been a vegetarian for over 22years, so then my attention turned to a cheese and peanut butter sandwich at three am. So you might just get some cravings later on.

Hehe ttl! Yes im not very hungry at the moment but make sure have bit off every food group each day, but def a concious effort at min. Yeah hope dont start fancying burgers of steak as havent had meat in 20 odd years:-/ funny you had fish shop craving, lol. Like the pnut butter and cheese though. Will see if anything occurs in a week of so!

I'm 35 weeks pregnant and not had any cravings :( I had hypermesis for thr first 5 1/2 months of pregnancy and now I get the worst heart burn and unable to eat properly but no cravings! I enjoy fruit more because it seems to help with my unquenchabletththirst but thats about it, some people dont get cravings so dont worry about it :)

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