scan waiting times?

i have been put o high risk pregnancy due to previous missed mc and chemical pregnancys and also still borns in family. i was just wondering how long after your midwife or doc requested scan you recieved letter or call with date as im very worried due to missed mc 5 yr ago at 7 weeks but pregnancy carried on till first scan at 12 weeks to which i had to have an abortion to make body let go of baby =(


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  • Hi, I went for my first midwife appt on 21st November (I was 8 weeks) and received the letter from the scanning dept on 28th November, so mine was quite quick.

    I think it can depend on where you are and how busy they are and of course your history will come into it, hope you dont wait too long, good luck x

  • Thanks hun im in sunderland first app was with her on 29th nov so hopefully this week what date do u have to go if u dont mind me asking im 7 weeks exactly today sick with worry all the time xx

  • Waiting times vary depending on the NHS (postcode lottery I'm afraid). You shouldn't wait longer than a week without hearing from someone (either letter or phone call) to arrange appointments. If you want extra scans or just dont want to wait you can have a scan done at a private hospital and just pay for the single appointment. It's not as expensive as I thought. I have had to go to private clinics to help me plan to conceive (I have a medical condition).

    The NHS said they would put me on a list and it would be about 2 years wait. Phoned BUPA - went 3 days later! And it's not to do with IVF.

    NHS are just useless. Check out 'spire' 'bupa' or 'portland' if you want to arrange your own extra scans.

  • Hi hun thanks for the reply apparently the midwife didnt take any notice of my doctors concearns and its taken me 2 days of ringing the hospital in pain and a possible open cervix to be taken seriously i am being taken in friday for an emergency scan at 7 weeks 4 days xx

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