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what coulb wrong with me.....? pls help

for two months now hv been having abdominal pains though i kept on seeing my period,i still have different pregnancy feelings like nausea,weakness,abdominal pain,sometimes sore boobs,slight dizziness and backache, i went to the GP and was recommended for blood test it came out negative,though i have an appointment for ultra sound in two weeks time but it seems so long as i really wish am pregnant,even after the result all these signs did not stop,pls is anyone going through thesame feelings or has experienced it.....? pls help me out as this has kept me worrying for days now

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It may be a 'phantom' pregnancy - where the body acts like it is pregnant although it isn't. I understand that it can be very difficult and often happens when women want to be pregnant.

I know that by now you probably have an answer - I hope that you do and I hope that you are feeling better.


Tanx am grateful,already working on it I pray it becomes reality soon.tanx


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