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9 weeks Pregnant Pain in lower Abdomen - normal or something to worry about?


Hi, I am 9 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy after ttc for a year) and I have been getting a pain on the right hand side of my lower adbomen. It isnt there all the time but sometimes it is a sharp pain that takes me breath away. I find it gets worse at night as I have been trying to sleep on my left hand side (which feels very unatural to me as I usually sleep on my front or back!!) my husband is quite worried about him and wants me to go to the doctor but I think this is just a normal pregnancy pain. I dont have my first scan untill 22nd November. Any advice etc would be gratefully received.Thanks.x

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hi hun, well congrats 1st off, but dont be alarmed but definately take your husbands advice, it could be anything from normal pregnancy pains to urine infect but you DEFINATELY need to rule an eptopic pregnancy ASAP hope this helps but plrease dont panic all probably will be well, but update me on what u decide to do :) hope this helps xx

Thanks Rachel21xx, I will give the doctors a call in the morning. I just wasn't sure if I was overreacting or not so just wanted to check! Thanks hun, really appreciate it.x

hey thats cool, definately do call them good luck and all the best xx

it may not be normal but it may be just growing pains... I had pains untill i was about 10/11 weeks... Think its just everything growing and changing

thanks Gemmw, I have been getting "normal" cramps etc, this one is concerning me slightly as to the severity of it when it does occur (its not like it hurts all the time, about 5 times a day really, more so towards the evening) but I am hoping that it is nothing. I have a phone appointment with my doctor this afternoon just to be on the safe side.

hhmm I have a scan Monday just to rule out Ectopic. Was kind of hoping they would tell me that I was overreacting! Going to try and not think about it over the weekend. Will let you know how it goes.x


dont stress, just thinkas u will see your baby, glad you took advice good luck hunnie xxx

I had terrible pain on my left side for weeks wen I was 10 wks they just said it was everything growing x Monday will put ur mind at rest

Just thought i'd let you guys know that I went for the scan and the pain is nothing to worry about, they think that it might be a collapsing corpus luteal cyst, harmless and pain will fade.

Got to see the baby! Very surreal!!! Look forward to seeing him/her properly on the 22nd! Drank far too much water though and had to run out of the scan as soon as they had done it, rookie mistake!!!! Thanks for all your advice, as we haven't told anyone yet the support was invaluable.xxx

oh that is brilliant news :) so happy for you xxx

cheers rachel21xx thanks again for the support, it really did make a worrying time much easier to bear. x

dont be alarmed babe, only if its uncomfertable and not in agony, if it gets worse consult your gp or midwife.x

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