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Did pregnancy test but it's negative and I feel sick daily

Ever since last after my period I have been having abdominal pain,nausea,tiredness and change of taste,like bitterness n dullness on my tongue,I visit the toilet at least every two hours,but my period came this month,though very painful and all this feelings still persists,I experience constipation too n it makes me so uncomfortable,my problem is when I carried out the test at home it came out negative what could be wrong with me ? Please help....... Tanx

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my advice would be to make an appointment with your gp or nurse practitioner and express these concerns with them they may give you a pregnancy test there and then or they make take blood from you to test and then what ever the result they will be able to assist you from there.hope this is of some help


Tanx,it's a lot help,am grateful


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