Early pregnancy scan due to concerns of lack of symptoms and previous mc

My gp reffered me today for an early pregnancy scan at my local hospitals early pregnancy assesment unit as I was worried and concerned as i had a previous misscarriage and i had very little symptoms the midwife showed me on the scan today all is weel my baby is 21mm and has a very strong healthy heartbeat and i am 8 weeks + 6 I am so happy i can relax now and enjoy my pregnancy like i did with my first born who is now coming up to 3 i just wanted to share my happiness with other mums-to-be

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Very happy for you!!

R x

thank you

Great news! x

can i just ask hun how long did you wait for the scan to come through ive been reffered due to mmc and chem preg and fetal deaths in family and im worried =(

Hi I went to my gp on the 8th of oct my gp rang the unit and they told me to come up the next day in the afternoon i think it all depends on your local hospitals early pregnacy unit but if like me you have been placed at a high risk as I had a MMc in 2010 you should be seen within a week thats what I was told at the RVI Newcastle. I hope this helps

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