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Now 12 days late :-((((((

Right, I know I keep posting but its getting to a point now where I just want to start my period that's if it's going to come! I have done 1 test that says negative and going to do another one Friday if it is not here by then. I am starting to think I am getting a metalic taste in my mouth which isn't very pleasant! I am getting headaches everyday for the past 5/6 days. I am getting lots of stomach pains and my lower back is begining to ache! One last thing, for the last week or a bit longer I am feeling very tired! I know you can't answer what I really want to know, but am I pregnant? (in your opinion) And I'm planning that do the test Friday and see the results. If its still negative and I haven't come on by Monday morning I shall book a dr's appointment! Thanks again x

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Hi, I tested negative for a while (until I was 6 weeks pregnant). Only a blood test showed it up which you will need to get through the doctor but they don't usually do it until you have missed at least two periods. The symptoms you are having sound too early to be pregnancy related you may just have a virus or be a bit stressed out which can in itself cause your period to be late. The best thing you can do is fork out for one of the more expensive pregnancy tests, do it first thing in the morning (its important its the first wee of the day as it has more of the hormone in it). If its negative or ambiguous then leave it until next week until you go to the doctors. They will do another urine test first - mine came back negative at the doctors even though I would have been 4 -5 weeks gone by then. Sometimes this is just because your hormone levels aren't registering because its too early and sometimes its just a weird freak of nature! Good luck whatever the outcome.


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