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Is it possible for me to be pregnant?

I had sex which was unprotected. My period was late by a week and a half but it did eventually turn up and lasted a very short 3 days. I have taken a horde of pregnancy tests which all came back negative. I'm tired and still feel like I'm on my period even though I'm not. My sense of smell is increased, usually that sense has been rather weak with me but lately it's been really strong. I'm nervous to take another test because I will find out if I am or not. Just getting an opinion before I go and test again.

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Why dont you try going to your gp? The blood test they use picks up the hcg levels lower and earlier than a urine test can.

Sometimes implantation can happen later in some women and the urine tests wont detect hcg until approx 4-5days after implantation is complete.

Hope this helps x


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