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clear blue ultra early test

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Hi, has anyone else done the clear blue early pregnancy test. I’m not sure if this is positive or not as I’ve read a lot about them

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If you've followed the instructions and read the test and saw the line within the time frame then this could be a positive.If the line came up outside of the test time then this could be an evaporation line. It doesn't look like it has a lot of colour on this test so if I had to guess this photo was taken a while after the test was taken, but that could just be the photo not showing the colour clearly.

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looks like a positive to me! I used those tests at 10 dpo and got a positive that looked like your one.

Wait two days and take another test, the line should be darker and then you will know you are definitely pregnant.

Best wishes x x

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it’s positive! Congratulations xx

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