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late period

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hi! i didn't have sex with my boyfriend since my last period but we did grind on eachother naked a few times and now my period is 2 days late and i'm starting to worry. he did not cum anywhere near me but i read that you can also get pregnant from precum.

we are both heavy smokers if it helps with anything. am i just paranoid or should i be worried?

also, from 13-18 feb i had dark red vaginal discharge and then it switched to white discharge. does anyone know what it means? i think i also had some clots in the red discharge but i'm not very sure. after the dark red discharge i thought my period would come. it was supposed to come on 22 february.

sorry for the bad english

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You'll need to take a pregnancy test.

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update. after a few negative tests my period came yesterday. prior to yesgerday i had very bad upper abdominal pain and bloating. i don't know if it's related to my period. the doctor said that the abdominal pain and bloating is related to irritable bowel syndrome. hope this information is helpful for someone in need!!

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