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Pregnancy Test confirmed I'm pregnant - now nervous

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HI, I have just taken 3 pregnancy test all which have come back positive. I have logged my pregnancy with the midwife team but now keep panicking as I haven't had my pregnancy confirmed by a medical proffesional and I'm nervous about this. I am so happy to be pregnant as I have always wanted to be a mum.

I suppose my questions is has anyone else felt like this and any advice on how to cope before I see the midwife for the first time?

Many thanks from this very nervous first time mum.

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Hi! Congrats on your positive test. I was so nervous too when I found out I was pregnant, to be honest I could quite believe it and was so worried that I’d had a false positive. After taking well over 6 pregnancy tests, I booked a private appointment with a place called Window to the Womb. They have them all over the country and You can get an early scan from 6 weeks. I felt so reassured after my scan with them and we saw a heartbeat on ours as well. I hope this helps :)

The midwife will not confirm your pregnancy. The first real medical confirmation is your 12 week scan in the uk.

I was the same, you feel like you want it to be confirmed but due to the accuracy of pregnancy tests, it's not needed. I'm 9 weeks this week, and this morning I've finally had contact from a midwife after what feels like an age (but is infact 6 weeks). Try not to stress and start following the advise on the NHS website. Talk to people close to you - that made me feel so much better. Congratulations 😀

Hi - I am the exact same i took 4 pregnancy tests last night and have now logged with midwife team. However like you it doesnt feel real! I am going to do as the below comment suggests and go for a private scan at window to the womb at about 8 weeks as as far as I am aware you do not get contact from the midwife team until you are closer to 12 weeks!

Hello. Congratulations! I was the same. First thing I did was phone the doctors and ask "can you confirm I'm pregnant?" and they said "no, we don't do that. The shop-bought pregnancy tests are very reliable!". So you have to wait for the 12 week scan. I was impatient and couldn't wait so similar to other ladies, I booked a scan with Window to the Womb at 10 weeks and was amazed to see an actual baby moving inside me! X

As your gp surgery doesn’t want to blood test you, you could do a finger prick HCG (pregnancy test) with Medichecks. I have used them for various tests during IVF. However, almost nothing can cause a false positive on a home urine preg test so it’s highly unlikely your tests would be wrong, assuming your period is due and missed xx

Congrats! I’m feeling exactly the same. I have gone through ivf and during a break have naturally become pregnant, but feel abit lost because no medical professional has confirmed and been used to support from the ivf clinic previously. I was a little surprised when they said just fill an online form and wait for scan appointment it seems forever away. Goodluck x

Hi! Congratulations!

Have you thought about joining an Antenatal Course?

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