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Intense itching at 31 weeks

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Hello ladies, so I've been having some intense itching all over my body especially the palms and its usually worse at night. Have been to see my gp and they've ran several tests including checking for bile acids in my blood and they've all come back negative. But my doctor asked for another test to be carried out again and this time its showing elevated levels of alkaline in the bloods and he's saying he doesn't know why. Now yesterday he's asked me to come in and have my bloods taken again to run tests again. I don't really know what may be going on with my bloods because I know there has to be an explanation of this weird itching that I'm feeling. This is my fourth baby and I've never experienced any of these with my other 3. Has any one of you had any sort of experience with intense itching non associated with stretching and the drying of the skin and everything checked out fine?

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Hey there, sorry to hear about your symptoms. The first thing that comes to mind is obstetric cholestasis. Obviously I’m not a medical professional but the symptoms are similar to what you’re describing. Has your GP dismissed this?I have no experience if this but understand it requires prompt treatment.

Have you also spoken to your midwife? Typically they have more experience with pregnant women and maybe able to offer some more information?

Hope you’re sorted out soon xx

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Actually that's what he suspected as well but blood tests came out fine. That's why they're running more tests to pinpoint the problem. My 32 weeks appointment with the midwife is tomorrow, so as you said they have better understanding of this type of problems, we'll discuss further with them. Thanks for the reply. Will keep you updated.

Yes I had exactly this during my pregnancy, I believe it’s very common, I didn’t get it checked I just rode it out to be honest, it would always be worse at night, my pregnancy was pretty straight forward and the itching stopped as soon as I had my baby

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Gosh you're really lucky, I'm so happy for you that you and baby are OK. Obstetric cholestasis can be really dangerous for your and for baby. I would definitely say if your ever have another baby if you've got severe itching, please get it checked out. It's better to have it confirmed as nothing that risk it being something serious xx

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Thanks for the info 😂 bit late now! I was pretty much quite laid back throughout my pregnancy and was healthy and didn’t have any other symptoms so wasn’t concerned. But good to know for the future so thanks for posting the link, it will as least help other mums who are perhaps experiencing the same thing. At one stage I had all the symptoms of carpal tunnel and the midwives weren’t bothered so I got a bit cynical with the health service to be honest, you couldn’t book Gp appointments for weeks at a time so just managed to things myself (I do work as a clinician in the NHS so I know what the pressures are).

Oh my goodness please get this checked and don't give up.I had this and had to be induced at 33 weeks as this can be dangerous for the unborn baby.

Your blood pressure can increase due to the intense itching therefore run the risk of getting pre-eclampsia this is what happened to me.

My skin turned yellow also as what is happening - it will tell you when you look cholestasis up but your bump is squashing your liver which causes the itching.

My midwife took one look at me, my bump also had grown for a few weeks and said ok your having this baby tonight.

Hope all ok x

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