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Elevated Amniotic Fluid

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Hi! 37 weeks pregnant and my amniotic fluid level is at 27, has anyone had this happen?

Was your baby healthy?

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Hello I just had a baby xterday and I had excessive fluid in preg. I was meant to be due at the end of the month but I was measuring too big at scan and they had to bring baby out I had two scans one at 34 weeks and the fluid measure 27. They rescanned me at 36 and it was measuring 34. It gone up had some diabetes test. Don’t ready anything on google was reading a lot of scramp and that scared me so much but yeah baby Is out and nothing wrong baby. They Just put a tube to check baby swallowing and baby is perfect. So try not to worry about anything. Goodluck 😍

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Good to hear! Your delivery of your baby was a success and healthy!🙏🏼 At my 36 week visit which was last week they told me I was measuring at 27, I will be having a c-section next Friday at 37 weeks due to measuring too big. Praying everything turns out good! Thank you for your reply!

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That’s good to know ask them to check baby throat and stomach am sure all will be ok. Good luck 💋


They told me the same during my 39th weeks scan. They couldn't figure out why as no GD and I normally have law blood pressure. They did a few tests and just kept an eye, turned out it was nothing.

Every case is different but in my case I was worried for nothing but I'm glad they were vigilant. Good luck xx

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Good to hear everything was good with you and your baby!🙏🏼 Thank you for your reply!

I had a lot of fluid & a big baby. When they popped my waters using gas & air they said had lots of fluid plus meconium so had a c section

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