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Is a fever (after testing positive for covid) something I should be really worried about in early pregnancy?

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8 weeks pregnant

Positive covid test



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Just to give a little more context. I had my 2nd covid vaccine on wednesday morning and started to feel unwell in the afternoon (fever & headache). I assumed it was side effects of the vaccine but tested positive for covid later that day. The fever and headaches have since subsided - it’s more of a cold now.

My first appointment with a midwife is supposed to be next week which I’ve now had to cancel due to isolating. This is my first pregnancy and feel like I’ve had no support at all. My GP surgery was very dismissive and offered me another appointment in 3 weeks time. I’m so concerned as have been reading up that a fever in early pregnancy can be very damaging. Can anyone provide any advice or has anyone been through anything similar? Thank you.

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Hi Lanny3

I’m sorry you have been so ill, pregnant and also worried! It’s a lot to deal with at once.

Please don’t worry too much about the fever. Unless you had sustained high fever for a few days it’s unlikely it will affect anything significantly. Did you take paracetamol? Did your fever respond to it and come down?

When you are no longer self-isolating it might be a good idea to call your EPU and book a scan to check everything is ok. Also the midwife will be able to request extra checks for you during the pregnancy to reassure you. You must also be close to your 12 week scan now too.

My limited understanding is that the biggest risk from fever in the first trimester is pregnancy loss so if you are bleeding or have severe pain please call your EPU. If you have neither of these symptoms you are most likely ok.

Big hug and hope you are feeling better and reassured soon!

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Thank you very much for your reassurance, this has made me feel a lot better! I took paracetamol and the fever subsided the day after. My symptoms are just more of a cold now. I haven’t had any pains or bleeding so can only assume everything is ok.

As I haven’t yet had my first appointment at my GP with a midwife, no 12 week scan has been booked in for me. I’ve been told I need to wait another 3 weeks for this initial appointment. I have however booked a private scan for when my isolation ends because I want to have something to show to our parents to tell them I’m pregnant. I’m hoping that scan will show if everything is okay?

It’s just been a very isolating time with no one to talk to and no support offered.

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I’m glad you feel reassured! Your fever sounds quite short-lasting so chances are your body coped fine and your baby is unlikely to be affected by it.

And to reassure you further, yes a private scan can be as thorough as any scans in hospital (but do choose somewhere with properly qualified sonographers and a good CQC rating) although before the 12 weeks the babies are too little to see much. But for now knowing that baby is fine for this stage in pregnancy might be all that matters.

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Thank you, yes it’s definitely just some reassurance I need.

Sorry you’ve tested positive. Tbh until you have your initial ‘booking in’ appointment, there is very little support in early pregnancy from what I remember so it’s not that different from most others. Good for you with the scan though, whatever helps you to feel reassured. GL x

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Thank you. I know, what are the chances of avoiding it for 18 months and then as soon as I fall pregnant I catch it! 😔

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