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IVF and Covid Vaccine

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Has anyone with IVF pregnancy had the vaccine?

I can't find any information and that makes it difficult to decide.

I'm not overweight and no health problems.

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, the new guidance is that pregnant women can have the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine - but not the AZ one. I think the latter as it hasn't been sufficiently tested yet. I think specific timings are advised If you're in midst of treatment, but to go ahead if you're already pregnant. X

Thank you Emy. I was actually concerned having the vaccine as my pregnancy is with IVF and can't find a lot of research so shared experience always counts. . Nearly 20 weeks... xx

I haven't had IVF but I am in the higher risk category, I am overweight, have gestational diabetes and am nearly 40, so as soon as they gave the go ahead I booked in to get the Pfizer vaccine as that's the one they've been using in America and the data is showing no adverse effects on pregnancy or child birth.I had it a week ago last Thursday at 21 weeks and had no side effects bar a sore arm for a day or two and baby is still kicking away like mad.

I think the advice to pregnant woman is to get it, if you're higher risk or when your age group is being vaccinated, but we're only meant to have the Pfizer or Moderns purely because there's not enough data on the Astra zeneca vaccine in pregnancy. There's lots of information here. I also looked at some of the studies from America that put my mind at ease about having it.



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Hi Sab, thank you for your reply. I'm nearly 20 weeks. I was thinking after the scan to have it but I'm indecisive as I'm taking a lot of meds fromthe IVF clinic and always thinking about adverse effects. Congratulations for having it. x

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Seb9 in reply to GiraffeSophie19

That's such a shame that there's not much info if you're already having to take medications. It's hard decision to make without all the extra worries. Hopefully if as many people get vaccinated as possible it'll lower the chances of you getting it anyway, hope you have a happy, healthy pregnancy xx

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I agree. I'm totally for getting vaccinated but as any IVF pregnancy I think the worse in case something happens to the baby and taking many meds doesn't really help my decison. 🙈 Thank you for the lovely comment and have a healthy pregnancy too. xx

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Hi, I have an IVF pregnancy. I was advised by the consultant at the hospital that it was safe to have the vaccine after 12 weeks gestation. So I would wait if you are still in the first three months. They also advised to have the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine due to lack of research on the AstraZeneca. They gave me some info from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, I think you might be able to find it at: rcog.org.uk/covid-vaccine Hope this helps

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Thank you so much. Very useful. My midwife gave me an info having vaccine in pregnancy but nothing mentions IVF pregnancy. I'm nearly 20 weeks, I'll soon have the scan and will go for it, I think.

Thank you all for your amazing comments. xx

I had mine very early in jan before any of the current info when I was 9 weeks - I’ve a very high risk job and quite a lot of medical understanding. From all the reading I did - more related to the types of vaccines etc I felt like having it was the right idea. Nothing in all my reading mentioned specially ivf babies. My understanding is that the baby itself wouldn’t have any different type of reaction to the vaccine than a non-ivf baby, however I agree with your other comments that specifically asking your consultant about any potential reaction with your meds is highly sensible. With regards to when - if you’re going to get it you really want to do it sooner rather than later as you really want 2 doses in for as much of 28 weeks + as possible to be as worthwhile as possible.

I know it’s scary making the decision and all you can really do is think and discuss etc. On one hand you don’t want to risk anything with that precious baby, on the other if you decline the vaccine and get covid there are links coming out to early labour, you might be in hospital getting treatment for covid when you give birth and you could then suffer long covid and not get to really embrace your little baby.

Wishing you a peaceful decision making process xx

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GiraffeSophie19 in reply to NE21

Thank you so much. Totally agree with your comment and thank you for clarifying. I know time is precious, just wanted to get the 20 week scan. May I ask why the 28+?Much appreciated your comment. xx

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NE21 in reply to GiraffeSophie19

After 28 weeks pregnant people are still classified as extremely clinically vulnerable (I had my 28 week risk assessment at work today) as it’s after that time if you get covid we are much more likely to end up in hospital/on a ventilator than someone not pregnant (mainly because of all the extra work out bodies are doing as well as just less space for your lungs to expand etc etc). so ideally you want to get your 2 jabs in before that to protect you as best possible. I was lucky and only had a 5 week gap between mine because I had them booked prior to the 12 week guidance coming out. So if you wait till after 20 week scan you would maybe have them at 21 and 33 weeks and I believe it takes 2 weeks to get to full working levels so you would only have the best protection from 35 weeks. Early advice stated after 14 weeks so I guess having them around 14 and 26 weeks is a sensible aim to maximise protection but then will naturally vary with when you get offered it etc etc hope that helps a bit rather than just adds to the questions in your head!!

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Much appreciated taking time to reply. Very useful information. I booked mine today- next Wednesday (only date available!) just before my 20 week scan and the only date they had free was middle of August which is way far away so will be looking some places where they have surplus and just show up on the day. Many thanks again. xx

Depends on your exposure and what meds ypu are taking I guess. In the 3rd trimester you are at higher risk of complications if you catch Covid. If you are living rather isolated and there are few cases around you, the probability of catching Covid is low though. I don't think it makes a difference if it is an IVF pregnancy or not at this stage, except for maybe the meds you are still taking. I did get the vaccinations (2xAZ) because I could not work from home, did not want to isolate my family and wanted baby to develop some antibodies. They are quite vunerable the first 2 months with a not very mature immune system and I don't want to keep them away from everybody during that time. They don't currently vaccinate you in the 6 weeks after birth, so you can't just get the antibodies into baby by breastfeeding during that time (plus you might not want the side effects then or during birth).

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GiraffeSophie19 in reply to Tigr

Hi, thank you for your reply. I guess I'll speak to the doctors at my IVF clinic and the doctor or medical personnel at the vaccination centre and go through the meds. After debilitating for some time, I booked both tests today. Phew. xx

Morning. I am 46, IVF pregnancy and had the Pfizer one at 36 weeks. It is obviously personal choice. I had a call with my doctors beforehand to get their advice and discuss it fully. Hope this helps. I also felt a bit rough later that day abs my arm hurt but the next day I was fine. Xxxx

Hi Debra, thank you for your reply. That really helps to know I'm not the only one with IVF having so many questions and myself being so indecisive doesn't help. However, I booked mine today. About time. :) xxx

I have just seen you are on Clexane also. Me too. I had to take through both my IVF pregnancies and 6 weeks after and this was fine with the vaccine x

Hi Debra, did you take Clexane on the day of the vaccination and were you on any other meds? The only reason I'm asking is that I was rejected the vaccine mainly because of the IVF pregnancy and meds. I'm on Clexane twice a day; Cyclogest twice a day and take an Aspirin. Congrats on having the vaccine. xx

Yes I did and I also look so take aspirin for a blood condition which I have. I only see to take 1 x 40mg on clexane injection a day xx

Hiya, I’m also nearly 20wks from a IVF pregnancy and had the Pfizer vaccine last week. I was sufficiently reassured by the large numbers vaccinated in the US, and no adverse effects, to go ahead. I also chatted with my midwife who was supportive.

I don’t think whether it’s an IVF pregnancy or not makes a difference, it didn’t come up in any articles I read, however if youre still on medication that would be worth checking out (I no longer am apart from daily aspirin).

I was also keen to do so as will be staying with family in a few weeks, and am enjoying getting out for meals and trips before our circumstances change big time!

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Hi, thank you for your reply. Wise decision for having it and all the logic behind it. I agree, is very important to discuss medication before having it. I'm taking Clexane x2; Cyclogest x2; Aspirin. The clinic wants me to continue respectively till week 24 and 34 which is a long time and need to find out about any adverse effects with all the mentioned meds. 🤷‍♀️ xx

That’s interesting to still be on the meds. I was wary of come of mine and tapered the progesterone a little longer, but told all would be fine(!)

At my jab I was asked about any blood thinning meds and I mentioned I had been on Clexane until 12 weeks which the chap found interesting but wasn’t a worry as hasn’t been on it for 6+ wks (still, if a concern with vaccines is blood clots, surely anti-clot meds are a good thing - I’m no medic though).

Just make sure you get the right advice from your midwife/clinic/gp about your circumstances.

Also good luck with 20wk scan!

Thank you. All good so far with the scan.🙏 I was rejected the vaccine due to the IVF pregnancy and meds I'm taking. I'm still on Clexane; Cyclogest and Aspirin. I felt devastated. My IVF clinic don't take any liability to say to go ahead although they still prescribe the meds; midwife opinion is to decide for myself. Don't have obstetrician and rely either clinic or midwife. Just sad. :(

Don’t have it! Read about vaccine damage. Many people die from Covid vaccine months after. Don’t vaccinate at all

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Seb9 in reply to hxanita

Can you site your sources for this information? so that people can check that your information is factually correct and comes from a reputable source?

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hxanita in reply to Seb9

My son is vaccine damaged. I should never had vaccinated. I’ll try find you more info soon

Hi, sorry to hear you feel that way. I'm not anti vaxxer. We'll be in a different place had we not had all the vaccines throughout the centuries. Would be useful to identify your sources so we expand our search more in addressing our questions.

There’s lots of scientific articles pointing out how harmful vaccines are. The hygiene and nutrition has increased over the centuries and that has prevented many diseases. Try and find this video from a neurological conference Dr Larry Palevski Testimony Connecticut 2/19/2020

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Tigr in reply to hxanita

The nutrition has (in parts of the world) improved and the hygiene too, but a lot of diseases have been pretty much erradicated by huge vaccination programs. If someone is not vaccinated and will point out that they are not getting sick, they should be grateful to all the others around him that are vaccinated and protect them via herd immunity. Vaccines are sometimes hard for the body to deal with because we WANT them to cause an immune reaction. It is like training for the body. Very rarely people are allergic to something in them but most of the time they give people reliable and durable protection against diseases that are deadly or potentially live changing. Videos are not reviewed publications - anybody can make them and explain they are an expert.

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hxanita in reply to Tigr

Herd immunity is a complete nonsense. Some vaccines r live and vaccinated people shed them upto a month spreading it all amongst others. If a vaccine consisted solely of dead viruses And bacteria id then agree that it might create some immunity response. However, vaccines r full of heavy metals like aluminium that goes straight to your brain causing epilepsy and later on dementia. They r full of fungus, aborted fetal cells, antifreeze, pesticides and much more crap Niobe tells you about that does more harm than good destroying DNA of naturally healthy people. I’m not going to do people’s job for then in finding the info. Everyone can do their own digging. I can’t make people change their minds about vaccines. Their body their choice. I’m saying a definite NO to them

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Tigr in reply to hxanita

It is fine if you say no but of course you are profiting from other people being vaccinated because herd immunity IS a thing. Usually vaccination reduces the amount of people that can spread a virus. It is the same as if lets say hail is falling and the more people with big umbrellas are walking around you, the less likely you are being hit. I don't say you have to be vaccinated but you really should be able to accept that others that are vaccinated protect you in this case. Some additives need to be in there to get your immune system kick-started. It reduces the amount of viral particles needed for a response. The new mRNA vaccines don't really have virus in them at all. They just have a surface protein that signals the body "Hey, learn to attack me!". There are a bunch of different ways to make vaccines and it does not involve all of the things you mentioned. They can be produced in human cell lines (that are a long time ago could have come from donated fetus or not) but those live in flasks in nutrient-rich medium and are far from beeing anything like a fetus (and they would not become one if you let them). The fungus is potentially yeast? Yeast is everywhere. Your bread and your beer is made by yeast, so I am not sure what the problem is. There are alternatives to produce virus in bacteria but firstly, they might not be so good at it because they are not so related to us and secondly, this gets us in the whole GMO dilemma again. Plants can produce some vaccines but again, is not as straightforward. Here is a source for the contents of a vaccine vk.ovg.ox.ac.uk/vk/vaccine-...

I have no idea how the DNA should be destroyed by a vaccine, this is a wild idea! You DNA mutates constantly because if a cell divides it needs to copy and mistakes can happen. Some stuff like UV light (sun!) and really anything that causes free radicals (smoking etc) can attack your DNA and you know what - viruses can do. There are some that do go in your DNA as a multiplication mechanism - a retrovirus (like HIV) does that for example.

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hifer in reply to Tigr

☝️👏👏your knowledge is excellent. Thanks for sharing. x

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GiraffeSophie19 in reply to Tigr

Thank you for your insight and depth infotmation. Very interesting. xx

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