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Covid vaccine in pregnancy! Yes/No?

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Hello Ladies,

Anyone of you had a COVID vaccine in pregnancy ? What do you think about?

I’m at the beginning of pregnancy and I don’t know if it’s good to have it or better not.

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I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I've just had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, I booked it as soon as they gave the go ahead for pregnant woman to get it. The results from women having it in the states and Israel have shown there's no difference in the levels of abortion, still birth or early labour in woman who had the vaccine, but there's research that shows that pregnant woman who have had covid have gone into early labour and are more likely to be hospitalised in their third trimester when they've caught Covid so for me the risks from getting covid was definitely less than the risks from getting the vaccine.I'm nearly 40, overweight and have gestational diabetes so for me catching Covid without the protection of the vaccine seemed too big a risk to take.

I felt absolutely fine after it, had no fever or headache, arm ached a tiny bit, but no more than when I had my flu or whooping cough vaccines. Baby is still kicking regularly and I'm feeling very happy with my decision.

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SarahG32 in reply to Seb9

23 weeks here and the same opinion as above. My uncle is an obstetrician so I took his advice and his main comment was the risk of catching covid and that causing something going wrong is a lot higher than the vaccine causing any issues! A study he had seen showed twice the chance of preeclampsia and premature birth if you catch covid.

I had mine at 9&15 weeks in jan/feb due to my job. Even without the now published research I spend a long time weighing it up as scientifically as I could and we decided it was the best option. I’m very glad I did - rates were very very high then.

A colleague who didn’t have them and did have covid when pregnant had just had an early baby, might be a complete coincidence but it wasn’t a risk I was prepared to take.

I imagine in a few years it’ll just be considered the same as flu/whooping cough when pregnant but we won’t know for a few years so it is something you have to make a decision on that you feel happy with

Hi, I know it’s a bit more complicated to make that decision in the first trimester. I’m almost 11weeks now and I discussed it with the midwife at the booking appointment. She was the only one who actually had some proper info on it. The advice is that, unless you are on a frontline job or otherwise at high risk of getting covid, then it’s safer to wait until the early second trimester to have it.

That is because there isn’t quite enough evidence yet about the first trimester safety although on balance it is probably still safer than getting actual covid with complications.

I can work from home so I will wait until after my first trimester scan. She also said it’s good if I can time it so that I don’t have the second dose too late in the third trimester. That will give me and baby maximum protection in good time.

I hope that helps!

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NE21 in reply to Bigblueskies

Agreed I would have waited till 2nd trimester but at the time vaccines were like gold dust so I just decided to go for it on 3rd jan as was worried if I didn’t i might struggle to get another date. You want to try get date ASAP in 2nd trimester to have had the 2nd one 12 weeks later and have the 2 weeks after that to build immunity before hitting the high risk stages after 28 weeks. It’s certainly not simple- just got to do the best you can in your circumstances

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Bigblueskies in reply to NE21

Absolutely! And there is always the balance of risk to consider if you are exposed to the virus on the front line. I would have done the same as you in your circumstances.

Hi! If I was still early in pregnancy I would definitely take it when offered. There are still several months of pregnancy to go, and despite cases being lower at the moment, the risk of catching covid is still a reality and specially now with less restrictions and more social contacts, we should remain cautious. A substantial number of women have now been vaccinated so the data is there. Vaccination has not reached my age range yet. I am due in 7 weeks and will be based at home, so at this point I think I might postpone it just until after delivery simply because its a matter of weeks and I would rather not undergo secondary effects like fever / feeling tired (if any) while heavily pregnant. I am hoping the baby will get some level of protection via breastfeeding which apparently seems to be the case.

I'm 35 weeks and am a doctor so I have the vaccine through work and honestly wouldn't have felt comfortable doing as much as I do with work without it. I felt quite poorly after the first dose for 24h, feverish and achy, but then completely fine and nothing at all with the second dose. I had it right back at the start of the year and now there is so much more safety data around it in pregnancy so wouldn't hesitate to recommend. Most pregnant women will spend more time in hospital than women of a similar age that aren't pregnant after all, plus it may provide some passive immunity to your baby.

I’m 42, 20 weeks pregnant and just had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. I am a bit concerned about it having an effect on the baby, but I’m reassured by the research and I’m far more worried about catching covid whilst pregnant and the harm that could do to baby and me. I felt fine afterwards, unlike my husband who had the AZ vaccine the same day and was wiped out for 24 hours!

Hi I had my first jab before found out I was pregnant and I have chosen to carry on with having my second on in June. I did speak to doctor before I made my decision as she told me there are always risks but they have just told me to keep my eye out for issues big or small to get checked. But said it be fine.

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Liberty82 in reply to Belle1986

Can I ask you what vaccine you had? I had the first dose of AZ before getting pregnant in Feb but due my 2nd dose and don't know whether to have it. Im 13 weeks.

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Belle1986 in reply to Liberty82


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Hedgehog_ in reply to Belle1986

I had my first jab too before I realised I was pregnant and have been offered my second dose in June. My first jab was the AZ/Oxford one so I’m unsure as to what to do for my second one now that they are saying pregnant women should have the Pfizer.

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Belle1986 in reply to Belle1986

I had my jab before I knew I had fallen pregnant. as it was for the safety for my husband as he just been diagnosed with cancer at the same time. So we are very pleased that we’re got our special little one on there way. I will be having my second jab in June. As spoken to doctor and read leafet. I’m only 10/5 weeks but 35 years old with my second baby.

Thank you all for sharing that with me. I had an appointment with my doctor this morning, I asked her about the vaccine and she said: she wouldn’t advise me to have it atm 🤷🏼‍♀️ ( not cause of my case but in general for now she doesn’t advise vaccination in pregnancy )🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m based in Edinburgh, don’t know what to say. I’m 33 y.o anyway I have to wait until they will start to vaccinate my age.

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SarahG32 in reply to SilvaD

To be fair they only gave it to me when they were doing my age group which happened to be just after the advice changed. Wales seems to be steaming ahead as doing 18-29year olds now!

I think that maybe your doctor hasn't read the latest on public health recommendations this was only updated late April so a lot of people haven't caught up yet. I'm in England but I double checked and it's the same advice for public health Scotland. If you don't have any of the high risk factors, such as weight, age, underlying issues, you should be offered your vaccine when your age group being done.

It says that:

The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has advised that all pregnant women should be offered the COVID-19 vaccine at the same time as people of the same age or risk group. The vaccine can be given at any stage during pregnancy.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be given in two doses. The COVID-19 Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are the preferred vaccines for pregnant women of any age, because of more extensive use in pregnancy.

Maybe you could check your doctor is up to date on the latest advice. The first time I asked my GP they said no but then the new advice came out and they said to go ahead and get it. If you still want to get it, you can still get it booked in once you're age group is called even without the pm from your doctor. Good luck

And hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy xx

I’m 23 weeks and have declined the vaccine twice. My choice. I spoke to my midwife and she offered no guidance. Did my research and I’m not 100% happy with what I have read so I choose not to have it. Again my choice.

You have to what is right for you. X

Yes had it at 17 weeks and my hospital recommended that I have it. Too risky in third trimester when women have caught Covid and caused quite a few issues including early labour.

No I’m not having it I was offered at 34w when I was diagnosed with GD midwife said I can have it but speak to my dr first for all the details. I just got the standard invite last week in the post again it says if pregnant speak to your dr first. I’m 37w I’m being induced in 2w I’ve checked our area for covid new infection rates it was like 2 in 360,000 people no hospitalisations & no deaths lately so I don’t feel worried at all.

Do what u feels right and safe for u and your baby it’s your choice.

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