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I am a month pregnant and struggling with pregnancy. Feel quite hormonal so had quite a bit of angel cake. Now I feel I have done wrong.

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I can guarantee that angel cake is not on the banned list of foods to not eat while pregnant so you have absolutely nothing to feel wrong about. Pregnancy especially the first trimester is really hard, give yourself a break and have more cake if you want it, maybe have some chocolate too and congratulate yourself on getting through another day of pregnancy.

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MariaBW in reply to Seb9

Thank you. That makes me feel better. I did enjoy it. Its not like I have it everyday anyway.

Why ?? Just be sensible !

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MariaBW in reply to Snugglebabe

Thank you. That makes sense.

Please don’t feel bad! I barely ate full meals when I was pregnant as I felt nauseous the whole time so just have a little bit of what you fancy, when you fancy it. Congratulations x

Thank you very much x

One of my pregnancy cravings was cake! I ate a lot of refined sugar (I think that's how it's described) during my pregnancy and baby was totally fine

Thats good to know. Thanks you.

You deserve a slice (or several) of whatever cake you fancy! This is a tough job, carrying life inside you and going through body and emotional changes every day. Treat yourself the way you need, with whatever brings you comfort! No one will ever judge you for that and you are certainly not doing any harm to your baby by making yourself feel happier!

OK that makes sense. Thank you

I felt horrible in the first trimester, I could only tolerate few things. Like you I was worried, I was losing weight. But I talked to the midwife at my booking appointment and she said not to worry. The baby is so small at this stage, it doesn't need many nutrients. My first scan went well, my bloods were fine. I'm now in my second trimester and feeling much better so trying to eat healthy. But I do treat myself on occasion.

All I can do is eat beige food right now. I hate the first trimester 😩it’s all about survival 😅

Congrats and there is no harm to eat cake or sweets as for as you feel good. I was eating icecreams and puddings in whole of my pregnancy and now I have a very beautiful little 6 month old. Do whatever makes you feel happy 😃

Oh hun, bless you. You haven’t done anything wrong. At all. My first trimester was horrible as was still on a stack of IVF drugs. All I could eat was beige food and it was mainly bread/ dough based items and cheese. I lost 9lbs cos I just didn’t eat much and what I ate was rubbish! Baby is still fine at 17 weeks xx

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