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Faint line pregnancy test

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I’m a bit confused at the moment I took a test haven’t been feeling well and there’s a faint second line is this positive you have to look really close but it’s there

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This is the test

I really can't see a line sorry, how many days late are you for your period? If you've not missed your period yet it might just be to early to get a strong result. I always find pink dye tests gave a better result than the blue ones, because they don't have evaporation lines or dye run.

Maybe try again in the morning with a new test, test with your first morning urine as if you're pregnant that's when you'll have the most hcg in your urine.

Good luck

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Breannab in reply to Seb9

It’s hard to see in pictures you can sorta see it in this

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I wouldn't take this one as a definite positive, I can't see any colour on the line so it could be an evaporation line rather than a positive line. I would try another test, maybe a pink dye or digital test to confirm. I did hundreds of tests, ones you could only see if you tilted your head and screwed up your eyes, but the further on you are the stronger they start to get. Have you missed your period? If its before then you might not get a strong result yet.

So sorry hun this looks like an evaporation line, test again good luck

Clear blue are horrendous for indent lines. Try again in a few days with FMU and hopefully you’ll get a clearer result xx

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