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Possible cows milk allergy?



So LO’s reflux is now sorted through omeprazole and changed her bottles.

Hospital was also querying cows milk allergy but wanted her to stay on Hipp for 2 weeks following her discharge with the omeprazole and carabel and see if she improves.

It’s been 1 week exactly and her screaming and refusing bottles has stopped. However she’s still spitting up a lot (going through so many muslins and clothes) and this can be hours after a feed, very congested and sometimes actually struggles to breathe, sneezing and noisy breathing.

Does anyone else’s LO have a cows milk allergy and these symptoms?

We have her review next week!

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Hi there. My little one has cows milk allergy. She tried various milks . She is now on alfamino Which contains no milk at all.

She was fine on this and omeprazole for a month or two. Her eczema subsided and her crying . But since 2 weeks she has started crying again. Very unsettled and eczema flaring up. Doctor has increased omeprazole to 10mg. Not noticed a difference yet. Waiting for a peadeatric appt still. Its very frustrating as they are in pain and there is nothing I can do to help

I would look online as there is some sites that do questions on cows milk allergy and you can check if she has some of the symptoms

If she does speak to the gp xx

Cornish131 in reply to AGKG

We tried Aptamil Pepti 1 but she was awful on it! Couldn’t keep anything down. In the hospital they said if we do trial a milk they want to try something a lot more hydrolysed or completely dairy free.

My LO is already on 10mg and at the max for her weight 🙄

Looked online on symptoms and she fits a lot! But her review isn’t for another week 🤦🏼‍♀️ Xx

AGKG in reply to Cornish131

Yes we tried aptamil pepti and nutramigen but didn't notice a difference. Its only when I researched i found the alfamino online and asked the gp for it !

Are you being reviewed by the hospital or gp ?x

Cornish131 in reply to AGKG

Ended up going back to the drs at 111 this morning! She was still really bad 🤦🏼‍♀️ So they said she needs dairy free formula, but they couldn’t prescribe it as was OOH’s drs! So hunted high and low in pharmacies and managed to get some Alfamino. So starting her own it this afternoon! Did you switch completely or gradually? Xx

AGKG in reply to Cornish131

Oh no. Sorry to hear that. Yes I just switched straight away. I noticed a difference within a few days . But my little girl seems to be getting worse again. Acidy sick again that hurts her. Trapped wind and her hives have appeared again. I have my peadeatric appt thru today for the 17th Feb but its only a telephone appt. Dont see the point. Has your little one got any other symptoms x

Cornish131 in reply to AGKG

She’s had x3 bottles and been violently sick on them all! I added carobel to thicken it. She choked twice and nearly stopped breathing 😩 had to go back to her normal Hipp formula. She has a dietician app on the 12th feb. Oh no!! Sucks your LO is bad again! And she’s been unsettled again, vomiting, rashy/spotty skin, loose poops and some mucus x

AGKG in reply to Cornish131

Omg that's awful. Please keep me posted . Sending hugs . Its a tough time especially with covid as we can't have our loved ones round to help and support us x


I feel for you. Has the allergy been diagnosed or is the review your first review? Im new to this app so sorry if ive missed any convo.

There are allergies and there are intollerances. Thomas had bad reflux, we were bottle and breast feeding, he wasnt latching on properly, alot of night jerking and his bowel movements were always very runny. We paid for lactation and tongue tie specialists to come over and assess him as the wait on nhs was too long. They said he wasnt tongue tied, discussed milk allergies, bottle types and a breast feeding check. It was helpful.

We saw an paed but they wanted to put him on trials of prescribed formula to try for a while. We chose to wait it out after researching online, speaking to midwives and friends. By the way to many opinions can make your head explode with anxiety of what is best so go with what you feel is right. We already had Thomas on Kendamil organic formula (due to chemicals and antibiotics regular cows are bred on) and used Hipp organic ready made on the go. Im not advising you but just letting you know what we did if its helpful. We chose not to use prescribed drugs and any other things like Gripe as we had read into the lack of proof in trials on things like Gripe water etc. We stuck it out for a little longer as hard as it was with sleepless nights and seeing him in discomfort and at about 8 weeks he started getting better. He is now four months old and doing fine.

We also used Nuk small anti colic teats at the start with the flat head and tried the latex ones but he wasntbgetting the right flow and crushed the latex ones as he sucked. Weve had him on medium flow teats since and hes fine. Teat flow can affect drinking performance.

We also used the technique (you tube paced feeding) of having the bottle milk only cover the tip of the teat tip when drinking and gave him burp breaks every 30ml.

We also found that by stopping the use of the tommy tippee machine, this helped him too. We read online about mould in the pipes over time and that it doesnt boil the water enough to kill bacteria in the formula which can contribute to baby discomfort. We researched and started putting the powder in the bottle first, boiled filtered kettle water half filling the bottle and swirling it around until it desolved (not shaking as it creates more air in the bottle). We boiled water each morning and kept it in the fridge that day to top up the other half of the bottle which made it room temperature for drinking. We never shook the milk to mix it.

We always left him alteast 30 minutes upright before laying him down to sleep or to play on him gym matt.

We also sterilise everything in the microwave and put the bottles together ready to put formula in, in a large plastic container rather than leaving it in the steriliser. We washed up all the bottles at once (6) as it was too much having to wait until the steriliser was empty (3 bottles fit in it) to then wash up more bottles and sterilise more later on. Its a time saver!

Sorry ive rambled on, I hope ive made some sense, I am no specialist, just a regular new mum and this is only our experience not advice. I hope it helps in some way xxx

That’s all interesting!!

She’s currently on omeprazole for her reflux. However we’re not using anything else like people suggest like gripe water or infacol etc. Don’t want to put too much in.

She has now been prescribed the complete dairy free formula as well because her symptoms just get worse! Her skin has got really bad as well now bless her.

Interesting about the tommee tippee machine as we use one! May try cutting it out and see if anything improves. What do you keep the cooled boiled water in when in the fridge? Xx


We have glass baby bottles (NUK) with the cap and screw top to keep them fairly air tight which I sterilise every few days.

I hope you get great results from whichever route you choose, its just a case of trial and error 🥰

Oh and we also put his next2me cot on a slight tilt to help reflux.


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