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Gross question


Hi guys bit of a gross one but I’m 35+5 and my poo recently has been like black and kinda like tarr I’ve been getting major headaches and kidney pain

Should I be worried or has anyone else experienced this?

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I certainly don't remember experiencing that. May be worth speaking to your midwife

I would speak to your gp asap as could be sign of a stomach bleed.

Agree with Roxannacar get it checked out could be bleeding in abdomen xx

Generally speaking I’d say changes in bowel movements should be discussed with your GP. Although out of interest are you taking iron supplements? These can change the colour of your stools and give headaches.Get checked out just in case.

Are you on iron tablets

Black poo often indicates dried blood l would definitely go and see gp perhaps take a sample in small food container

Iron tablets made my stools black as the others said x

I also have blackish poo at the moment (I’m 34wks) but because i’m on strong Iron tablets

Thank you guys been trying to get through to gp but their useless!! I’m not on any iron supplements however I should be but whenever I have them I get really bad sickness and can’t eat

I had this when I was on ferrous sulphate. It made me vomit. Now I get then to prescribe ferrous gluconate which is a bit gentler on your stomach.

I would keep trying to get through to GP or alternatively I would recommend ringing NHS 111 service. You’ll get to speak to a GP and send you for an appt if they think you need it. Better to get checked sooner rather than later.

NHS 111 service is 24hr so you could ring anytime.

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