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Baby with a cold

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Looking for advice please. My 2 month old has a cold and a runny nose. He has been very stressed all night. He is snoring and making a sound which makes it clear he has a runny nose and needs to blow his nose. I keep trying to wipe his nose and has doesn't let me and gets very distressed. He's crying uncontrollably. I gave him calpol and he slept for 2 hours. He's crying again. I don't know what to do. I rock him in my arms and he calms down only to start up again shortly after. He is sneezing and coughing too but this is not as bad as the runny nose because it disturbs his sleep and he doesn't know what to do about it which makes him cry. What shall I do?

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Ahh bless a baby with a cold can be heartbreaking. U just want them to blow their nose a bit know they can’t. Best things I found that have helped is using the saline nose sprays, calpol vapour plug and snot sucker. Hopefully all or some of them will help. Oh also having the baby on a slant rather than flat will also help. Best wishes x

Massive thanks hun. Last night was a lot better. Hes still unwell but your suggestions helped loads. Baby and I both managed to sleep!

Hello there, you can get snuffle babe which is a chest rub and I'm pretty sure can be used from 2 months. Also a humidifier in the room helps, you can add baby olbas oil to the water,if you don't have a humidifier just a damp cloth on the radiator helps. I also put the baby olbas oil on a cloth and kept near the baby while sleeping, not you close and I'd keep it out of reach. I was also told you can put a towel underneath the mat to slightly raise their head as that helps with breathing. Another thing is to run the shower abs sit inside the bathroom with your baby while it steams up, that seemed to calm my son down the most.Other than that I'd say give the HV a call for more advice and call Gp if it gets worse to see if there's anything else. Give capol only every 4 hrs and only up to 4 times a day I think but if it helps give it. Poor baby, hope he feels better soon x

Thanks hun. Your advice really helped. He"s much better now.

I'm glad! It's so awful when they're ill :(Hope you're okay too and can catch up on some sleep too x

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