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Antenatal classes


Hi All,

Just wanted to check if anyone has attended online/zoom antenatal classes during this covid times? Are they as effective as in person classes? I have no idea when NHS classes will restart so if any recommendation on online ones which are good that would be brilliant.

Thanks :)

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I've been wondering the same thing! Any opinions from mums-to-be would be great! :)

Hey! I did a free class from the baby academy which told you about how to care for newborn, like bathing and dressing baby, changing nappies, skin and nail care, cord care, safe sleeping etc.

They also do 4 other classes for £99 which we are signed up to later in the year and they cover labour, birth and complications, 4th trimester and infant feeding and baby first aid/ CPR.

They are run by midwives and the first one was really good, you get sent a copy of the notes at the end and there are chances to ask any questions throughout.

I’ve also seen some free videos of recordings of antenatal classes on YouTube.


GraceLee in reply to L8853

Hey, I'm actually due today so have been pregnant right from the start of lockdown. Where I live there have been no NHS classes (face to face or online) so I bit the bullet and joined NCT antenatal classes. The cost was approx £190 and there are 6 sessions each lasting 2 hours. I was a little sceptical at 1st and also toying with paying the fee however I would highly recommend these classes. They were all on zoom which was odd at 1st but by the 2nd session, they felt completely normal and it worked really well! The midwife who lead the course was fab, we had a great whatsapp chat going and most of all, you can meet local ladies still who can form your support group later on. We have met for 1 social meeting down the local park thw day before the stricter measures came in back in Sept. This was worth its weight in gold as we now all have a separate Whatsapp chat and constantly talk through our worries and experiences. I did not want to enter labour and giving birth alone as being pregnant for the 1st time during lockdown has certainly been very challenging and felt extremely isolating. I can see it being very bumpy over the next 6 months too. I hope this helps xx

newmissy in reply to GraceLee

Thats brilliant.. Thanks a lot.. i'll check NCT and baby academy for more information.. but glad to head they were effective..

We did pathway to parenting çourse with health visitor in video calls. It was condensed into 4 sessions just us and her. That is in Norfolk I don't know if they do it elsewhere.

newmissy in reply to Samcz

Thank u .. i will check that as well for sure..

Samcz in reply to newmissy


I would recommend the NCT ones!

You can also call the national breastfeeding helpline antenatally for any questions you have x

newmissy in reply to claire16c

Thanks..Thats good to know!

Hey there, I’d also agree that it’s worthwhile doing a course. I’m currently doing NCT class and as Gracelee advised it’s a great way to meet women in the same area as you which will hopefully form a good friendship for you during this motherhood journey. In my group although on zoom I find it fine to use and we also have a separate WhatsApp group and we hope to meet next week if possible for a dinner. I also think that they are very informative and worth the £200 cost.

We had the same problem, so researched and followed an online ante natal course by The Birth Collective, it’s put together by midwives and obstetric doctors, includes hypnobirthing and yoga for mum, and ante natal education videos for both parents. I believe I paid £60 for this in a flash sale, but I think it’s usually around £90. You can watch the videos at your leisure and they give you free hypnobirthing meditation tracks. Would recommend!

Thanks All.. We have finally enrolled for our local New Life Antenatal classes(295+ 20 baby first aid) which provides access to midwife throughout your course and several online material with weekly zoom classes. We ruled out NCT even though it was cheaper as few classes were over weekday working hours and not too much support. Our Midwife did tell me to get enrolled for private ones (NCT or new life) as there is a very bleak chances of NHS running any zoom classes even due to rising covid cases, though they might circulate basic videos.

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