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Help can I still be pregnant?

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So I’ve been trying for 6 months my period is on average no more than 32 or 33 days in my cycles and this month I’ve missed the due date on my Flo app which was Friday the 9th and I still haven’t come on I’ve just done a test and it was negative no faint line nothing completely negative tomorrow will be cycle day 35

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If you have missed your period, I would consider doing another pregnancy test 48 hours later (If you are pregnant HCG surges every 48 hours) Sometimes it can't be detected straight away, I didn't get a positive till a week after my missed period. Also, try using an early detection test.

At the same time, it could just be your period is a little bit late, there is many reasons why I period can be missed. Is the data on the app correct? I would just manually check the settings of cycle dates on the app are correct from your last period.

If you are concerned I would contact a doctor for advice.

Best wishes

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Lauren95 in reply to Ema1234

I’ve been using the app every month to track my

Periods and ovulation and my periods have pretty much come when they have stated they would but this month it would make me 4 days late tomorrow

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Ema1234 in reply to Lauren95

Okay, I would just take another pregnancy test to be certain. I didn't find out I was pregnant until 6 days late. xxx

It's super early to tell at the moment, but def test in two days (I know the waiting/not knowing is a real killer!) the cheaper preg tests need quite a bit of the hcg hormone to show anything. The expensive tests like the clear blue digital need very little to show up so they tend to work better for early detection. Good luck xx keeping it crossed for you!

I was just so expecting it to come back positive so it was a shock it didn’t , I used a clear blue one but I’ve seen people say to use the pink dye ones so I’ll use them in a few days I tested on the night aswell and I do drink a lot so I thought maybe it couldn’t pick up anything because I had such diluted pee! But we will see in a couple of days! , thank you! X

Yes, would recommend your morning pee for testing...especially if you're that early. I was 5 days late last year and then it arrived. Unfortunately you'll have stops and starts when you're trying to get pregnant...hearing that from others kept me going and we finally fell pregnant on the 15th ovulation (we had pretty much resigned ourselves to fertility treatment). All good so far but still early days.

Hi Lauren,

With my first child I missed my period and a few days later I had like a brown one breast was larger than the other and so sensitive, I did about 4 home pregnancy test in 2 weeks time and all of them showed negative, I couldn't understand it but just ignored it although in my heart I knew I was pregnant, 7 weeks later I did a blood test and it still showed negative, 9 weeks later I got so sick (I thought it was diarrhea) and they did an ultra sound, and there my precious little princess's heart beat was... maybe you should just be patient? Take everything as it comes. My second I was one day late and 3 days later I did a test and it was positive, not every pregnancy is the same. Just be patient and goodluck.

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Lauren95 in reply to Tubies

My first pregnancy I wasn’t trying or anything it was a shock but I was 10 days late before I took a test and that showed up positive as soon as I took it! But I’ve ordered some test online and they will be here by Wednesday latest so I’ll try again then! Thank you!

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Tubies in reply to Lauren95

Like I said, just stay calm. I have 2 children, 10 years apart, both girls and I can honestly say that I thaught the second one would be a boy because the pregnacy itself was such a big difference from the first one but it was a girl again. Not one pregnancy is the same, it could be that this is like my first pregnancy... All of the best to you and please let us know what happens. Good luck!!

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Lauren95 in reply to Tubies

Well I’ve stated bleeding so I guess I’m not pregnant at all but it’ll happen when it’s meant to I guess , thank you for your advice :)

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Tubies in reply to Lauren95

It will. I waited 10 years and when I gave up, I got a huge surprise. 💞 it will happen!

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