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Please can people advise what they are or were feeding their 2 week old qty wise on formula?


I have a very hungry 11 day old who is on 120ml every 3 hours and just wondered if others have found this to be a similar case? He weighed 10lb exactly when he was born

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That doesn't sounds like a huge amount tbh. If he weighs 10lbs at birth which is pretty chunky he will need more. NHS website suggests you need 150-200ml per kg of weight per day. (4.5kg is 10lbs). At 8 feeds per day he would be taking only slightly more than that.

Hi Alfie2020,

My baby weighed 3.5 kg at birth and I gave 90ml for each feed when she was 11weeks. When I gave 120ml she started throwing up and made her reflux bad.

I have had 2 babies who I have formula fed and they have both taken on different amounts. My first I struggled to get what people deemed enough formula into him early on and would feed from day 1 every 3-4 hours. My second was a guzzler and drank way more and when he was first born would feed every 90 mins to 2 hours. That was a tough couple of weeks. Neither of my babies were big but my second was smaller - born 4 weeks earlier gestation than my first. As long as you are responding to baby's cues and getting dirty wet nappies and they are putting on weight then all is fine. The amount they should consume is a guide based on average. If your little one is gaining weight and doing dirty nappies I wouldn't worry.

I wouldn't worry how much you're giving baby as long as he's gaining weight and having wet and dirty nappies. Every baby is different and with breast fed babies you don't even know how much they're getting. I've breast fed my little one for 14 months and she's doing OK and I've never been able measure how much she's had. Just follow babies cues and I'm sure you'll do fine x

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